How to Throw a Morning Wedding Ceremony


Most couples envision a wedding starting in the late afternoon, continuing through supper and into the wee hours of the morning with dancing.


However, a new trend is throwing something more intimate and low-key at your Georgia wedding venue, and the best way to do that is with a morning wedding.


Planning your picture-perfect morning wedding can seem challenging, but there are some useful tips to get started.

Be Flexible When it Comes to Planning a Schedule

Some brides want everything to go exactly as planned at their Georgia wedding venue, but the truth is, with a morning wedding ceremony, that may not happen. No matter what kind of wedding you plan, you must be flexible.


Time spent getting ready in the morning will be short, so make sure the wedding party gets enough to sleep the night before. Keep your closest friends in mind while scheduling weekend activities.

Don’t Make It Too Early

Of course, you will be antsy and waiting to say I Do, but planning this part too early will stress you out. You will have to do more morning calls if you start anything before 9 AM, which is still very early for a wedding.


10 AM can be the perfect time for something easy and low-key but will also give you the time to get ready with your bridal party. Plus, you won’t want to wake your guests up too early especially if it’s a summer wedding, so it’s perfect!

Start Your Day Off Relaxing

This is the day to relax and start your morning off right. Wake up an hour before you need to get to hair and makeup and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea outside. Make sure you have enough time to wake up before heading to your Georgia wedding venue.

Choose a Wider Array of Foods

Breakfast tends to be more budget-friendly than other dining services, so feel free to provide a few different food options for your guests.


Your loved ones will undoubtedly like the same options you enjoy – from pancakes and French toast to egg breakfasts and bagels, and even burgers or sandwiches for those guests who prefer the lunch-style dishes on a brunch menu!

Include Dessert!

Even though it is a morning wedding and an intimate ceremony at your Georgia wedding venue, you can still serve desserts. Make a lemon cake or a fancy coffee cake for dessert. Traditional wedding cake cutting may still be done with a morning-appropriate cake. You can make this unique or skip the cake altogether.

Do Activities After

Some people won’t stay all day, but this is the perfect way to make the most of the rest of your day. This is a chance to spend time with out-of-town family members and show off your gorgeous Georgia wedding venue.


You can walk around with them or plan other activities for a small group of people staying in town. This is the chance to make the most of your day or head out for a honeymoon.


Start planning your wedding at our Georgia wedding venue. It’s time to work with your team to host your dream wedding.