Are you looking for an affordable place to elope in Georgia?  Spring Lake Events offers mid-week elopement packages!


Micro Weddings, or Elopement Weddings are becoming more and more popular; especially thanks to the COVID-19 era. If you are on the fence about having a traditional wedding, keep reading to learn about the elopement packages that we offer.


What is an Elopement Ceremony?

Traditionally speaking, to Elope means you are running away to get married in secret.  In 2021, we now use the term “elope” to describe a private wedding ceremony that does not include a reception. Whatever the reason, elopement ceremonies are becoming a popular choice among couples in 2021 and we are here for it.


How much does it cost to Elope?

The cost to Elope versus the cost of a traditional wedding are nearly incomparable.  Time is one of the biggest contributing factors to the price difference. A traditional wedding calls for anywhere from 8-10 hours of service by most vendors; thus making their price significantly more expensive. Catering and alcohol is another great savings. While it is a special experience, to share a meal with 100+ of your closest friends and family, it can also be very expensive. If you are thinking of eloping with your honey and a few of your most important people, check out our elopement package here for current pricing.


What does the Elopement Package include?

Think, “micro wedding.” Some venues only allow Bride & Groom + photographer, officiant and 2 witnesses. Not us, Spring Lake Event’s Elopement Package allows up to 20 guests + your photographers & officiant. Exchanging vows is a incredibly special moment between a bride and groom; it is also a very special moment that should be shared with the people you love. We feel like you shouldn’t have to choose between a traditional wedding or eloping based on who can attend. We allow our elopement couples access to the venue for 3 hours. Time can be used for capturing wedding photos around the venue, soaking up time together as a pre-bride/groom and celebrating with your loved ones. Our bridal suite & groom’s room are available for changing into and out of wedding attire. One of the most special inclusions in the elopement package that we offer is the option for a sunset wedding.


You can read about the sunsets over Spring Lake here.


Why should we Elope?

Spring Lake is proud to bring you one of the most affordable elopement packages near Atlanta. Whether you are budget conscious and opting for a micro wedding to save money or choosing to elope for an intimate ceremony, Spring Lake is the place for you. Choosing to elope ultimately comes down to what matters the most to you and your forever partner. If the reception is important to you and you want to celebrate with a large crowd, perhaps an elopement ceremony is not for you. Walking down the aisle in that breathtaking gown, looking (and feeling) like a queen IS (one of) the most important parts of any wedding. Rounding the corner and seeing your groom standing at the end of the aisle, beaming with sheer love and joy is also one of the most important moments of a wedding.

Spoiler alert, the wedding favors and monogramed napkins are not one of the things you will remember forever. Some could say it is a minimalist approach to saying “I Do” and they aren’t wrong. If “should we have a wedding or elope?” has ever crossed your mind, call today to schedule a visit to our venue. Regardless of which option you choose, Spring Lake is here to help your dream wedding day come true.