8 Tips for Shopping For Your Wedding Gown

As any bride-to-be is when they first get engaged, the first thing they think about is: Their Wedding Dress!

Here are some tips to help you while on your journey to find that perfect dress for your vintage wedding in Georgia!

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Shopping Right Away

What a lot of people may not know is that wedding gowns take a long time to make. Not only that but if you have a plan to lose [Blank] amount of pounds before the wedding, it is best to pick out a dress as soon as you can so you can have the dress fitted perfectly for your big day.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Before you start looking at dresses you need to set a budget on how much you can afford on your dream dress. We can easily get carried away by the excitement of trying on gown so remember to stay focused on your budget goal.

Take time to do Research

Before diving into the world of wedding gowns, try to do as much research as possible. From what body type you have, to what season you plan on having the wedding.

Social Media is Your Friend

There can be some downsides to social media. It can cause your standards to rise up so high that it is unrealistic, however there are some positives to it. By using social media you can see what your favorite gown looks like in real life on someone else. It also gives you an advantage to see if anyone is selling their gown. This will give you a great discount on a beautiful dress that saves you money to  be able to do alterations to make it into your own.

Keywords are Important

Everyone has an idea on how they want their gown to look and how they want to appear on their wedding day. So make sure you remember and hone in on keywords that will help you when dress shopping. Anytime you go into a shop, they will ask you what kind of style or look you want to be going for and this will allow the sales department to help you find the perfect gown. Example of key words: Sexy, silk, lace, beaded, sweetheart neckline, sleeves, open back and mermaid tail.

Call Ahead

If you are on a tight schedule, it is a good idea to call ahead to the bridal shop you are planning on going to and tell them what you are looking for. Make sure to use your style keywords. This allows the staff to pick out a few choice gowns so you don’t have to waste time looking through the thousands of dresses. It is also good to call ahead to see if they have a specific type of dress you are looking for or if they also sell plus size gowns.

Keep Your Circle Small 

When you go out hunting for your perfect dress, it is best to keep your entourage small. We suggest your mom, mother-in-law (if you have a good relationship with her), and at max 2 of your friends. Too many peoples opinions will cloud your judgement.

Treat Yo Self

If you have an incredibly busy day planned of dress hunting, it is always nice to take a small spa day for yourself. It will help you stay relaxed and while you try on dresses you will look “wedding-ready”.