8 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Venue

Is the venue you want able to handle the number of guests you are going to invite?

Depending on how many people you invite, you want to make sure that there is enough room for them all including all your vendors. This is also important incase you are inviting children, elderly people, or people in wheel chairs. They need to have a ramp or other necessities you may find that you need to ensure your guests are taken care of.

Is your budget big enough for the venue you want?

You need to take your budget into account when choosing a venue. The fanciest or the biggest venue may not be as affordable as you think. When the venue starts cutting into your wedding budget, you may have to sacrifice other things you were wanting at your wedding.

What is the size and the type of your wedding? Is it small or large? Is it casual or formal?

Are you having a smaller wedding or a larger one? If you rent out to large of a venue for your small wedding, it will look too spacious and make your layout awkward. Also need to consider what type of wedding you are having. If it is a casual wedding then there is no need to overdo it and have it in an incredibly upscale ballroom.

Are you able to use a caterer of your own choice? If the provide the food, are there any restrictions? Are you able to bring your own liquor? If there is a kitchen, is your caterer allowed to use it?

You may already have a caterer in mind so you should make sure that you are able to have your own caterer or if you have to use their kitchen staff. Or they may even have their own caterer and menu packages for you to pick from.

What are the hours of when you can use the venue? Do you have to vacate by midnight? How much time ahead can your people come in to set up chairs, tables and decorations? Is there going to be another event scheduled the same day?

Check to see what the venues hours are. When can you and your guests arrive at the earliest and see when to have to leave. A lot of venues have the curfew to have guests out by midnight. Also confirm when you can have your people come in to set up tables and decorations. Does it have to be day of, or can you come in the day before?

What are the protocols for how they handle last minute cancellations? What happens if there is bad weather, is there an indoor space you can use?

This is important to ask about incase of any emergencies and if you are having an outside wedding. It could rain and disrupt the wedding and the reception. See if there is an indoor space you can use or if they will refund you for any cancellations.

 What would happen if fewer people ended up attending than anticipated?


Some venues require that you pay for “damages”. This is because if the number of people attending decreases and they are providing drinks and food, you may have to make up for those lost damages. Or if you book a room block in a hotel and people are a no show, you may have to pay a fee.

What is everything included in the price, and what is not?

Things that you expect to be free or included in the price may not be. Make sure to clarify things such as water, catering  and any other charges that may occur. Also don’t automatically assume that fixtures are available for you to use.