6 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For Vintage Weddings

We know you are excited to go out shopping and looking for vintage wedding dresses! And we are sure you have already pinned so many examples to your pinterest board, but we gather some need-to-know tips for wedding dress shopping before you go.

Set A Dress Budget

Before you decide on anything, first decide on a budget for your dress. Dresses can range from $500 up into the thousands. So it is important to first sit down with your spouse-to-be, and set a budget for the entire wedding and make sure to factor in to how much you are able to spend on your dress. 

Shop Ahead As Early As You Can

After you have set up and decided what your budget is going to be, try to start shopping around as early as you can, especially if you plan to really customize your own dress. This is because the process of making gowns can take about 4 to 10 months to be made. You also need to factor in shipping if you are having your dress made in another country.


When beginning to look for your dream dress, make sure you do a lot of research. Are you not even sure where you should start? You can take a wedding dress quiz to see what kind of gown style best suits your body figure. You may want a ballgown style, but you could find that a mermaid cut is the most flattering. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Utilize Social Media

Pinterest, Instagram and even TikTok are the perfect platforms for you to look at different types of wedding dresses. A lot of smaller wedding gown shops use these platforms so you are able to get a lot more options instead of being blocked from seeing them by an overwhelming amount of ads that pop up from major wedding dress chains if you were simply to use Google.

Make Appointments

Make sure you schedule your appointments to go try on wedding dresses. This is so important, especially during these times. A lot of places in general won’t let you come in if you do not have an appointment. So make sure you schedule out a day and time for you and make an appointment. If you have multiple places that you want to go, it is best to try and schedule all the different appointments in one day. This is so that each wedding dress you tried on that day will be fresh in your mind, making your decision easier. Make sure to also ask how many people are allowed to come with you to the appointment, you don’t want to make your wedding party feel bad if you have to pick only a few of them and turn the rest of them away while you are all standing at the door.

Be Mindful When Choosing Who Will Be Shopping With You

You may not want to step on any toes when choosing who you want to go wedding dress shopping with you. For example if you have a difficult mother-in-law or a Debbie downer sister, it may be best to leave them at home. You are shopping for your big day, and you want people there who are positive and who are going to support you. One of the worst things is trying on a dress that you absolutely fall head-over heels for but someone else makes a negative comment and bring your entire mood down for the rest of the day.