With the new day and age, wedding websites are becoming very popular. Some may want to keep to the original traditions, but we will share some insight on how valuable wedding websites actually are.

Setting The Tone For The Wedding

Having a personalized wedding website is like showing a sneak peak into your big day. You can show your guests what they can expect on the big day (make sure not to give away everything, you still want to have a few surprises!) You can coordinate your website’s color scheme along with your wedding colors. You can also give a small backstory on yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. Then do a backstory on how you and the groom/bride had met.

Keep You Organized

Having to plan a wedding can be incredibly stressful, and a website can help you stay organized. Some features include the ability to send out save-the dates and invitations digitally. You can also keep track of RSVP’s so you can confirm how many guests will actually be attending. There is a countdown to the big day, and easily accessible information that the guests can look at such as the schedule and times.

Last Minute Changes

When it comes to weddings, there will always be the possibility that something that goes wrong that is out of your control. Such as: the weather! It is always a great idea to have a plan B for your ceremony in the case of rain. Usually you won’t know what the weather may be like until a few days before the wedding. So having a place to update your guests for your Ceremony Plan B, is better than calling hundreds of people and wasting hours of your day telling everyone the same thing over and over again.

Always Accessible  

The great thing about having a website is that it is always accessible and allows you to communicate easily with your guests, especially if the are coming from out of state, or out of country. Having the location, times and outlining the schedule will help your guests as well as vendors. 

Budget and Eco-friendly

Sending out wedding invites are costly, $350 – $750 for around 80 invitations. This is not even including all the extras such as RSVP cards, save the dates and postage. So having your invites sent out digitally will help you not only keep track but also save you money. Also by doing this it saves on paper that will eventually be tossed or lost. Less paper helps the environment. 

After The Wedding

Once the wedding is over, you can keep the website and save it as a great memento. You can also continue to update it and share great and huge moments of your life with your family members. It makes a great documentary of your life that you can look back on throughout the years. You could also make it into a blog and help other brides to-be get ideas for their weddings.