5 Wedding Trends that are Making a Comeback

I am sure at one point in your life you have heard that if a piece of clothing stays in your closet long enough it will come back into style. This is true in some instances, even for Georgia vintage weddings! So let’s take a trip down memory lane and bring back some of these old trends to incorporate into a classic 2020’s fashion.

The Dress Style

As far as wedding dresses goes it feels like we have already discovered and created all the possible wedding dresses there were to be created. However, that is far from the truth. In recent years we have seen glorious dresses that are decked out in gems, rhinestones, lace, and anything you can think of to a more simplistic type of dress that is referred to as classic and minimalistic. However, with a trend of turning your grandmother’s wedding gown into something that fits your figure and style, that’s not the only thing that seems to be making a comeback. Brides are looking for unique ways to add character to their dresses without all the glitz and glam. One of those ways is . . . Ruffles! Yes, ruffles are beginning to make a comeback and are beautifully designed into wedding dresses that enhance the beauty of the wearer. 

The Clash of Metals

Everyone wants a unique wedding ring that displays the love that shines brightly between the bride and groom. With the introduction into the 2000’s, silver wedding bands and rings had become quite popular but now it seems that an old metal has reentered the wedding scene. Gold wedding rings are starting to make a comeback. With the metallic gold, it presents the chosen stone with a new feeling of class that comes with a beautiful vintage reminder. 

Floral Accessories

As we enter a new day and age, many brides are embracing the theme of going back to nature and borrowing its beauty to share on their special day. This is going just a bit farther than using a bouquet to walk down the aisle with, but incorporating an old trend that was popular in the 60’s. Flower crowns have taken over . . . again and we are loving it! There are such beautiful and simple styles that every bride could use for their wedding.

Let’s Talk about Pearls

For the past 50 years the Diamond has taken over the engagement and wedding ring selections. However, what was the previous successor?  That is right! Pearls were a huge deal and thought of as the perfect addition to starting a new life with your partner. Don’t forget that diamonds aren’t the only versatile stone, pearls pull their weight in that department as well. The classic look of a pearl necklace to match with your beautiful pearl earrings. Pearls symbolize purity, integrity and loyalty. Who could ask for a better stone then that when you start your next chapter in life with your loved one?


Over the past decade, the type of cake that has been the center of everyone’s attention is the fondant cake. It especially took off with pastry shows that displayed the large range that fondant has. It can be used, shaped or molded into almost anything! However, it seems that an old classic is begging to reappear. Most wedding cakes are now being made with buttercream. As far as buttercream goes, it is very versatile in itself and tastes amazing so it is no surprise that it is back with the trends.

Sometimes things do get better with age, yet as old trends begin to reappear it is not just a direct copy of the past. As we all know, it is better to study history so we do not repeat it. That is why great artists look to the past for inspiration and create a beautiful twist on something that we loved and create something new out of it. It is made this way so that we have a gentle reminder of the good that happened in the past all the while telling us to keep looking forward. So take these trends and give your loved ones a small blast from that past as you start on your new future.