When planning something as huge as your wedding to the person that you are planning on spending the rest of your life with, it can seem like there is a lot on the line and that there is NO room for mistakes. But, we are human and mistakes inevitably happen, and thankfully, for the most part they can be corrected and won’t make that much of a difference on the big day. That being said, we know that there are some mistakes that you won’t want to make because they can have a big detrimental effect to your life and your big day as a whole.

So, here are 5 wedding mistakes you won’t want to make.

Not planning the guest list first (or close to it). So much hinges on the guest list. The venue, invitations, food, flowers, even something like your dress (ie. super long train for a grand church ceremony or a simple dress with no train for a beach venue) all depends upon how big your wedding is going to be. You also need to know how many people you want to invite before you get set on your budget, and your budget is definitely something that needs to be done very, very early on, (and something that you don’t want to blow!).

Trying to lose a ton of weight before the wedding

This is just a bunch of added stress that you do not need at an already potentially stressful time. I know it is tempting to try to lose some weight before the wedding so that you look your best on your big day for photos and for your paramour, but your spouse-to-be loves you for who are you right now, and every one looks beautiful on their wedding day. So don’t stress yourself out.

Suffering from wedding envy

Face it. Chances are really good that someone else that you know is going to be getting married right around the same time as you (or even on the same day). Someone is going to have your same dress, same flowers, same venue, etc. Sure it can be frustrating and feel like someone is trying to steal your thunder. But I assure you that they aren’t (probably) and that there is more than enough joy to go around. Just focus on your soon to be spouse, your family, and your guests and try not to let anything spoil your joy.

Changing your mind about something at the last minute

We all change our minds. That is completely normal. But, when it comes to wedding planning it can be expensive or impossible. Better to just go with the original decision and make the best of it.

Trying to DIY, all by yourself

We are all for a good DIY. It can save you money and it can be a ton of fun. But your wedding is such a big deal and you really want to be able to actually sit back and relax during your actual wedding so trying to keep all of the many plates spinning all by yourself is not going to work very well. Call in some support in the form of parents, your best girl friends, your old college roommate, and your church for some support planning your wedding and in making it happen. It is also a great idea to hire some professional help for some aspects of the wedding so that your friends can enjoy it too.

For more wedding planning do not’s, check out this great article from theknot.com. Happy planning!