5 Mistakes Not to Make on Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your big day, you want it to go perfectly. Here are some tips on what you should avoid so you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

Getting Ready

When getting ready on your big day, you want to make sure you have enough time. One second you are enjoying the hot steam from your shower, the next you know you are panicking because you are an hour behind. When creating your schedule for the day of, make sure you factor in enough time getting ready. You will be able to figure out how much time you need when discussing what kind of hairstyle you want with your hairdresser, and what look you want with your make up artist. When discussing these things you can ask them how long do they think it should take to create your dream look. With their estimated time blocks, you can now factor in how long you should take getting ready, what time you need to wake up by, when you should eat breakfast, and when you need to be out of the shower by.

Eat Breakfast!

We have all heard about brides not eating the day of their wedding because they want to fit into their dress. However, that is a tradition that must be stopped. How do you feel when you haven’t eaten all day? Probably cranky, sleepy, easily irritable, loopy, light-headed, hangry, we could go on forever. Now add all of those feelings on top of feeling anxious, worried, stressed, freaking out, and doubt, that is a recipe for disaster. It is what legend calls “bridezilla”. It is also reported that most brides don’t even have a chance to eat when dinner is served because they are so busy hosting. So eat that breakfast, because it may be the only meal you get all day!

Planning Day Of Wedding

DO NOT WAIT TILL THE DAY OF TO PLAN. Make sure you have everything taken care of before the day of. If you put tasks off to the last minute you will be even more stressed out. Plus if you wait to the last minute to have some crossed off your to do list, you may find that you can’t complete it due to it being on such short notice. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed and can’t complete everything you need done till the day of, you can delegate. Delegate any tasks you need taken care of to someone you trust.

Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so make sure you get the photo op that you want and deserve. So it is important to plan out beforehand and tell your photographer your vision. If you aren’t sure what you want, do some research and you can also get input from your photographer. Put together a list of who you want in your photos(can include people from your wedding party and other guests), the location, and if you want any props. Also include what kind of vibe you want to go for, the time of day(sunset), and certain poses you want to do.

Your Guests and Thank You’s

During the reception, it is tradition for you to talk to all your guests. This is important because your guests made an effort to come to your wedding as well as bring you a great gift for you and your partner as you begin a new chapter in your lives together. If you are worried about not getting to everyone during the reception, you can invite them for a post-wedding brunch the day after. They will feel happy that you thought of them, and this gives you an opportunity to spend more time with them. Also during your reception, thank you speeches are the perfect opportunity to let your friends and family feel appreciated. This is the time to thank everyone who played a part in your wedding and helped make your big day perfect, so make a list of everyone you want to include in your speech so you don’t leave anyone out.