5 Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Most of us have experienced the lost a loved one at one point in our lives, and with special events that come up in our lives it becomes a little harder with our loved ones gone.

Here are 5 different ways you can honor your lost loved ones on your big day.


There are several different ways you can honor your loved ones with flowers.

Pin small photos of your loved ones to your bouquet

This is a beautiful and unique way you can represent and have your loved ones there with you as you walk down the aisle.

Place a flower arrangement at the Alter

You can include their favorite flowers or different flowers that represent a specific meaning since each flower has their own meaning.

Example: Rosemary signifies remembrance, Daisy signifies innocence and Pansy’s signify thoughtfulness and remembrance.

A Special Place

A Memory Table

Have a table or place set up at your wedding or reception that is dedicated to your loved ones that is filled with photos and memories of them.

Reserve a Seat

Leave an open seat at your wedding and reception with a framed picture and name card placed on the seat.

In their Honor 

Provide Special Party Favors

Providing special party favors to your guests that has a token of what they had loved in life.

Example: Adding in their favorite candy into the favor.

Give a toast

While at your reception include them in your speech and include happy memory’s to make your night even more special and memorable for everyone.

The Ceremony 

Moment of Silence 

Once the bride arrives at the altar, ask the guests for moment in silence in remembrance of your lost loved one.

Include Them in the Program

You can add a tribute to them in your program.

Example: “In Loving Memory Of . . .”

The Reception 

Light a Candle

Before your reception, light a candle in their honor. It can even be in a familiar scent if they wore a particular flowery perfume. Or even just their favorite scent such as apple pie.

Include a Family Recipe 

You can include one of their recipes that has been passed down from generations in the dinner at your reception. Or add their favorite food in the dinner menu.

Honor Loved Ones At Your Wedding

There are several ways to be able to honor the ones close to your heart that have passed over. Each way is unique and memorable because each memory you have of them is unique as well. From having pictures pinned to your bouquet while you walk down the aisle to having the main course of the dinner for your reception as their favorite food. Each one is different and wonderful, no matter which one you decide to do your wedding will be full of memories of your loved ones.