Five Ways to Get Your Bridal Party Involved, and Excited, About Your Wedding

Have you ever been a part of a bridal party? Do you remember what it felt like to be asked to stand up beside your friend and help her matrimonial dreams come true? Were you excited? Were you apprehensive? Maybe you were even a bit reluctant?

Being asked to be a part of a wedding party can be a big responsibility and an even bigger commitment. Some friends might jump all in — ready to buy the dress, go on an all-day shopping expedition to find the perfect flowers, plan the bachelorette to end all bachelorettes, and host two wedding showers — as soon as you utter the words “will you be my…”. Then you might have some friends that are more hesitant. They could be shy, worried about the financial investment, or concerned about the time commitment.

Whether your bridal party is in the super excited category or a little reluctant category, here are five ways to get your bridal party involved, and excited, about your wedding.

1.      Host a bridal party brunch

This southern tradition is a sure way to delight and treat your bridal party. Typically held in the days leading up to the big day, it is a way to get the whole bridal party together and relax and enjoy some quality time and some delicious food together. You can throw a classic brunch, or it can be a luncheon, afternoon tea, or coffee and cake — whatever makes you happy.

2.      Treat them to some wedding day glam

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Sure, your wedding day is typically a day when you get some high-quality spa treatments, but if you can swing it, it may be fun to splurge a bit and provide some for your special ladies too. Even if it is simply opening a bottle of champagne and having a friend who is excellent at up-do’s come and do everyone’s hair for the big day, a little pampering will go a long way in delighting your bridal party.

3.      Bridal party gifts

A small way to say thank you for everything that your bridal party does, the bridal party gift can be small or big, but make sure that it is personal and heartfelt. For my gift to my bridal party I chose small pieces of jewelry that I thought each person would like for them to wear on my wedding day. I think (I hope!) that this small gesture touched my friends and thanked them for everything that they did.

4.      Give them creative license over their dress

Plenty of brides say to their bridesmaids “You can wear it again!” as you ask them to shell out big bucks for a bridesmaids dress, only to be greeted by a wan smile. Be the bride that actually makes this true by letting your bridal party have liberal creative license over what they are going to wear. You can set a guideline (a color or a color palette, a hem length, a style, etc.,) but then let them decide on a dress that they feel confident in. This will make for a happy bridal party, and fun wedding photos where everyone looks, and feels, their best.

5.      Ask them their advice

Everyone likes to be included, and it will be beneficial for you to glean some of your friend’s help and advice on all kinds of things. Identify where each of your bridal party members shine and then sit down with them and ask them some questions. Is your best friend from 7th grade a total style guru? Ask her opinion on wedding dress styles. Is one of your bridal party an amazing DJ? See if she can recommend some songs to get the party dancing, or even put together a playlist. You can ask them about wedding planning details, but also about other things like making a marriage work, honeymoon suggestions, or whatever is burning on your mind. Taking a little time with each bridal party member to chat over coffee and get their input in something will go a long way in helping make them feel included and important, and it will help cement your friendship and help you make your big day even better.

Whatever you decide to do to help your bridal party feel the love, make it fun and make it uniquely you!