5 Fantastic Bachelorette Party Ideas

Go Camping/Glamping

This is perfect for those who want to catch up with friends and have some quality time unplugged from the world. Depending on how cut off from the world you want to be, some prefer deep woods camping. However, others may not want to go that far and just set up a tent in their backyard. There is also the option of renting out a cozy cabin with your friends for the weekend and just relaxing in a local hot spring. 

Travel Off the Beaten Path

Traveling off the beaten path is a great way to not only catch up with your friends but also see different sides to them that you had never seen before. When going off the beaten path you can do so many things! You can look up and do research into your state to see what hidden gems are near you. There could be an amazing spa that is hidden in the mountains or a whimsical waterfall that is just a few miles hike to get to. If you want to go a bit further but just don’t know where to go, throw a dart at a map! You can either go to the closest city to where the dart lands or just focus on the state and go to a major city in that fate chosen state.

Go Thrill Seeking

This is for all the thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies out there. This is also for those who have always been curious of what it is like to live on the wild side, hey it is you bachelorette party after all! Axe throwing has become a recent trend, this is where you are given a hatchet or axe and a bullseye target. Once you have signed a waiver you are left some safety goggles and left to your own devices. Next up is bungee jumping and skydiving, now these are a little more extreme, especially if you have a fear of heights. Bungee jumping is fun, but you are by yourself as you plummet to possible death. However, skydiving requires you to be strapped to someone with experience if it is your first time, so you will have a partner while you fall out of the sky.

Spend a Day On The Water

A fun day spent on a beach or at the lake is a great way to spend your last days as a single woman. You get to splash around, lounge on the beach or a boat. However, I do have a warning! Be careful not to get sunburnt! You don’t want to be red or peeling for your wedding. Make sure to use lots and lots of sunscreen.

Sleep Over

A sleepover may not been seen as a unique experience for your bachelorette party, but sometimes a relaxing night in with your besties and bridesmaids is what a girl needs. After running around for months, trying to get everything organized, paid for, set up, etc. a night in may be just what you need. So buy that junk food, rent that movie, and set up a pillow fort in your living room (or even a hotel) and have fun with your girls!