Imagine: you are 30 days away from your wedding date. What is on your final to-do list? When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things that could go wrong (but even more that could go right) and that’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of the game. After all, this is your special day; everything should go as smoothly as possible. Because you’ve waited so long for it.

Create a schedule

Never underestimate the power of a finely tuned schedule. Create a schedule of your big day by going through every single event and task that needs to happen in preparation for the altar. Think of it like baking a cake: you need to follow a recipe to eventually reach your goal. Consider all the ingredients that go into the day-of, all the primping and preparation that needs to happen to fulfill the main event. Sit down, write down the recipe for your day, and be at peace with knowing that everything will go just as planned. Trust it.

Send your schedule to all vendors and wedding party participants

This is a big step that cannot be overlooked. During the hustle and bustle of your last month as a Miss, be sure to share your plans for the day with everyone who will be involved (excluding guests of course). It is important to make sure everyone in your wedding party is on the same page about where to be, at what time, what to bring, and what to expect. Any vendors that you’ve hired should receive a copy of your schedule as well to ensure that they know exactly what is expected of them. This is the best way to minimize stress on the big day and maximize focus on what really matters: like getting ready and soaking in the day you have waited so long for.

Personally contact all vendors

About 3 weeks out, be sure to contact each vendor you’ve reserved and go over your schedule with them, as well as confirm dates, times, services, payments, etc. This is a huge task that many people overlook, and if not done- could be detrimental to your wedding day. The last thing you need is a miscommunication about times, menus, or other services. Be sure to get this worry out of the way so you can rest easy knowing that everything has been double checked.

Create a packing list

Whether you’ll be going on a honeymoon or not- there are probably things that you will want with you on your big day that you may forget. Worried about leaving something out? Make a list of everything you’ll need for the day of and especially everything you’ll want to bring to the honeymoon suite. Your favorite lotion, hairbrush, even toothpaste- write it down so you don’t forget the little “obvious” items that can often be overlooked. The more organized your list is, the better.

Finalize all travel arrangements (and luggage needs)

After making all the plans for your special day, it’s easy to forget the final arrangements that come after the exchange of vows. Will you need a rental car? A honeymoon suite between flights? Can you meet all the necessary luggage requirements? These are all pertinent tasks that need to be completed at least two weeks before your wedding date. Be sure to have all travel times, tickets, passports/ID cards, and confirmation emails/receipts in a safe yet accessible place; easy for the grab-and-go when your day is here.

At 30 days out, there is going to be so much on your mind. It’s important to stay as organized as possible, write down all to-do’s, and keep all reservations and receipts in a handy spot just in case something goes awry. The more you stick to a schedule or specific list of tasks the easier your life will be leading up to this very important day.

If you have any questions about our venue or need help navigating our wondrous 70 acres, our staff here at Spring Lake is dedicated to serving you. You can rest assured that your day will be as peaceful and seamless as possible.