A new year means new vintage wedding trends! Here are the trending colors that will be coming this year that will be the basic building blocks to creating the wedding of your dreams!


Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose– This is the perfect combination of colors for those who are looking for a light and feminine look without using straight out pink. The dark color of the cinnamon rose gives off the impression of a rich chocolate. The dusty rose compliments the darker color that some people have a hard time pairing. The combination isn’t clashing and has the perfect feminine flare.

Blush Pink, Cinnamon Rose and Eucalyptus – These three combinations are an unlikely match, however they go together beautifully! The light and airy blush pink goes well with both the rich chocolate cinnamon rose has to offer as well as the eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a neutral green/blue that compliments almost any other color! This intricate palette allows for not only a feminine and dreamy color scheme but also a hint of earthy tones. 


Terracotta and Pine – The popularity of terracotta is on the rise. This color is widely known throughout the world as a planting pot, but they probably didn’t give it a second thought. This color is beautiful and unique with the neutral tones of a dark orange. The dark orange is best paired with other earthy tones such as pine. It makes for a great down to earth wedding.

Shades of Grey – This description is vague however, the colors are far from that! Having various shades of grey with a splash of white or beige makes for a memorable color scheme. The dark- earthy tones may feel like it is to dark for a wedding, however with the splash of white or beige gives it a great rustic touch. (Reminds me of a powerful and beautiful rain storm!)


Light Terracotta and Sage Green – The Light Terracotta is a bit different then the regular terracotta, it has more of a yellowish hue, but is still very beautiful. It makes it the perfect choice for complimenting it with Sage green. It is a lighter color that leans to more of a white hue, and doesn’t clash with the yellow tones from the light terracotta. It brings a fresh look to your wedding and the lighter tones is especially perfect for an outside wedding.

Light Gray, Greenery and Foil Gold – Gray, green and gold aren’t the first thoughts for color combos for a wedding, however it brings a breath of fresh air! The light gray and your greenery of choice (I suggest tones such as pine, sage green and eucalyptus) are the perfect earthy tones that are subtle. By adding the Foil Gold, it gives a splash of color that doesn’t outshine your two other complimenting colors. 


Mauve Purple, Dusty Pink and Pine– Purple is becoming a popular wedding color again, however instead of the neon or pastel trend, it is taking on darker hues. The Mauve purple is an elegant and bold choice to have. The Pine color compliments it well and gives an earthy feeling without diminishing the Mauve purple. Dusty Pink is the perfect middle man between the two other colors, it is also a bold color, but it gives a lighter appearance thus brightening up the two other colors. The Dusty Pink helps the other colors to stand out as well without the worry of clashing!

Pantone Rose Brown and Rose Gold – Darker browns are not the most popular at weddings since it can be hard to pair with other colors without it looking too dark or tacky. The Rose Gold is the perfect way to not only lighten up Pantone Rose brown but also compliments it beautifully giving a feminine and bold look. 


Burgundy and Dusty Blue – Burgundy is such a beautiful and bold color that is a popular palette among weddings for years. However, it isn’t seen to be paired with Dusty blue very often. The two colors compliment each other well due to the fact that the Dusty blue is more of a neutral color. The dark red brings a royal and classy feeling while the pastel blue shines elegantly.

Light Beige, Champagne, Dark Dusty Rose and Eucalyptus – Light beige and champagne aren’t paired together too often due to the strong similarities. So, by adding the Dark Dusty Rose it brings out the best of both of the neutral colors. While the Eucalyptus adds a splash of color to prevent a too “monotone” palette. However, use the eucalyptus sparingly, too many different colors like these can cause a clash and just become overwhelming.