Here we are, about to head into a new decade! YAY!

There’s a lot of excitement and wonder in ending an entire decade. Moving into a new year is always a hopeful time, but there’s something about ending a decade that feels more final. It’s in the books; all the trends, styles, things we did or didn’t do. 

It also presents a blank slate for just about everything moving forward, including vintage wedding trends

Let’s take a peek into the predictions for the new decade upon us!

More Greens. Pops of color

Greenery in weddings has seen an uptick for sure. Luscious greens in bouquets have been “in”, but it’s about to ramp up even more. It’s still “on trend” but we’ll be seeing brides pump up the drama by adding pops of vibrant color and statement flowers. It’s a gorgeous trend, so it’s no wonder it’ll likely stick around for a while!  

Backyard Glam Weddings

The backyard wedding has been another trend on the rise in recent years. It all stems from the charm, and couples have gotten more and more creative with how to make these their own. The new decade will bring about a new take on the backyard type wedding. Go big or go home! It’ll be casual with a mix of sophistication. Get ready to turn your backyard into an elegant wedding experience!  

Black is Back

Weddings tend to be thought of as associated with more of a soft color palette. Or maybe weddings in the previous decade were! Black is back, and in 2020 we’ll see it scattered throughout the details of many, many weddings. It’s not a trend that is just for bridesmaid dresses (although, how classy is that look?). Add it in accents to the table settings (like some black matte utensils, or a classy black charger plate), use it in your centerpieces (tall black vases for your flowers or greens), or just accent other areas around the wedding (black place cards will look sharp on an entryway table). However you decide to incorporate it, it’ll be sleek, sophisticated, and very on-trend. 

Cheers to Bar Trends

Finding creative ways to drink is ALWAYS in style. Heading into the new decade, you’ll see couples getting even more and more creative. What can you do to spice it up a bit? How about offering flights of craft beer so your guests can sample some local breweries? Or a flight of your favorite spirit, like gin. Perhaps you could hire a local winery to come and offer a wine tasting station at your reception! Maybe your bar is exclusively signature drinks that have a story behind each (just make sure to have enough options to appease everyone!). Trendy drinking is fun and relevant, and your guests will appreciate you switching it up from the basics. 

As we enter 2020, we’ll start to see new ideas emerge, but these are on the brink of the New Year and ready to launch! As they gain popularity, you’ll be able to find lots of inspiration on blogs and Pinterest to narrow down what you really want. Don’t forget- stick to your guns and choose the ideas that you love. There’s no trend like staying true to yourself and your taste.