2019 Wedding Trends

If you are planning a wedding in 2019 you may be eager to see what some of the hottest new wedding trends will be in 2019. Here are some fun and festive wedding trends that brides, grooms, and guests can plan and eagerly anticipate for this year, 2019.

Wedding Fashion:

Polka dots, crop tops, and asymmetrical designs were all on display at the recent bridal runway shows with chic and charming results. For grooms the on trend look is ditching the classic black tux or black suit look and instead donning a suit sporting a combination of different fabrics and patterns. The overall effect is quite dashing.

Wedding Eats:

The recent trend of interactive food stations continues (yippee!), with fun and delicious options for your guests to enjoy such as tea and lemonade bars, guacamole bars, nacho bars, and popcorn bars. Delicious!

Another fun wedding eats trend that you will see more and more this year is edible decorations such as cookie trees, sugared floral arrangements, and spun sugar trees. Beautiful and yummy? Count us in!

You might also get to enjoy what is being called a grazing table while wandering around during the post-ceremony cocktail hour. This is an arrangement of delightful small snacks and hors d’ouevres such as olives, cheese, dried meats, and fruit. Is anyone else getting hungry or is it just me?

Wedding Decorations:

When you sit down to your delicious reception dinner, you might end up wiping your hands on a soft, velvet napkin, which is on trend for this year’s table linens. For wedding colors, you might see lovely copper metallic accents and a range of complementary color shades instead of choosing two or three wedding colors like in the past.

Another wedding decoration trend that you may see this year is balloon walls. We know, we know, balloons are for kids parties right? Well, you might change your mind after check out some of the elegant and beautiful balloon walls on Pinterest, and find yourself creating your own balloon wall at your wedding!

In General:

Weddings in 2019 will be simpler, with a more minimalistic feel than in years past. This will include elements like digital invitations and RSVPs which save resources (and money!) and make things a little easier. Couples are embracing a more vintage, rustic, and recycled feel, using mismatched place settings, fabrics, silverware, chairs, and much more.

Edible wedding favors are another 2019 top trend that we have been seeing for a while, and continue to love. Think homemade jams, spice mixes, custom sauces, or artisan olive oils. Useful, memorable, and yummy makes a great combination for a wedding favor.

A new nontraditional ceremony trend that you may see this year (or decide to adopt yourself) is a round wedding ceremony chair set up where the bride and groom say their vows in the middle of the room with all of their guests surrounding them. If you’re planning your wedding during a rainy season at Spring Lake, the reception barn is an awesome fallback plan and this can be a fun way to make sure that all of your guests get a great seat to watch you say your I-do’s.

Enjoy incorporating some of these fun 2019 wedding trends in your 2019 wedding, or creating your own unique twist!

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