So you just got engaged and are beginning to plan your 2016 or 2017 wedding? Congratulations! You’ve got a really fun year in store complete with lots of fun decisions to make along the way. To keep things simple, we recommend focusing on who you are as a couple and what you like and stick to that as a theme. Love to travel? Like movies? Nature lovers? Coffee addicts? Starting with your own personality as a theme makes planning your wedding so much easier, but in the event your hobbies aren’t exactly theme-able (or not exactly grandma approved), we’re highlighting some of this year’s wedding trends to keep you updated and give you somewhere to start!

We’ve seen glitter popping up here and there lately. Even at a rustic barn venue like ours, you’d be surprised how much glamor you can bring to a wedding just by including a hint of sparkle or shimmer with glitter or gold foiling. A totally affordable way to stay on trend this year if you’re into a little shine and sparkle is to grab a can of gold spray paint and tackle a few accent pieces of your decor. Even a soup can will look glam with a coat of gold spray paint if it’s filled with your favorite flowers.

Speaking of flowers, we’ve seen arrangements move away from the typical formal arrangements of roses to a more natural feeling arrangement. Brides are wanting a “just picked” or “farm fresh” feel to their vintage weddings, and natural flowers are a great way to get a soft organic vibe and keeping flowers budget friendly. This is especially true for table arrangements, but has crossed over to bouquets, too. Check out this gorgeous bouquet our very own florist built. We think it’s totally stunning and right in line with this year’s wedding colors of the year.

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Yep. Barn wedding venues are still a bride favorite, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Barn wedding venues are so versatile. They can be elegant affairs or totally casual get-togethers and anywhere in between. We’ve seen super formal black and white weddings and even a camo cake or two (for the grooms. ahem.). You can have an afternoon garden party themed wedding here or an elegant evening affair complete with white draping and ambiance lighting. And if you want to take it easy and just go with the flow, we’ve already got you covered with some rustic country hand-made decor with lodge-style flair.

If you haven’t found your venue yet for a 2016 wedding, you should hurry. The good venues get booked quickly and you might need to push your wedding out to 2017 to reserve your dream wedding venue (ahem). Or, if you’re really brave, you could go ahead and plan your details (dress, cake, decor style, etc.) and pray for a “last-minute” cancellation. We usually have at least a few weekends open up throughout the year that give our couples about 6 months to plan their dream wedding. It’s totally doable, especially if you’ve already got some of the details covered.