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Vintage Wedding Package Pricing

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Have you checked out our catering options lately? No? Well, we've been dying to tell you all about our wedding packages and give you the details on all our favorite offerings from some of our favorite caterers! Plus, you'll get all the details on what actually comes in each package. Keep in mind that the packages we have today are always subject to change as we hand-select even more options for you. :) Here is the basic idea. Imagine a gorgeous venue. One where you get to use any area of the venue that you'd like. With no hidden fees to use the spaces of our venue. It's already decorated with adorable hand-painted signs, saving you time on decor. You'll get two getting-ready suites. A fully functioning catering kitchen. Tables, chairs and linens for up to 200 guests. We've already constructed a hand-made cedar arch and set out the 22 [...]

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Wedding Day Survival Kit

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We're about to officially open for wedding season (our first vintage wedding of the year will be just a few short weeks from now)! If you're in your final stages of wedding planning, you'll want to pay attention to this post. And if you're in the early stages of wedding planning, this is a great thing for you to take care of right now so you can rest easy knowing you're going to be taken care of on wedding day. You're going to want a wedding day survival kit. That's right. A survival kit. And the earlier you get it ready, the better you'll feel throughout your entire wedding planning process. Every element of your wedding day is a glorious opportunity for something amazing to happen. Unfortunately, they're equally an opportunity for something to go awry. And we definitely don't want that happening to you! So, do yourself a favor [...]

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