We’re about to officially open for wedding season (our first vintage wedding of the year will be just a few short weeks from now)! If you’re in your final stages of wedding planning, you’ll want to pay attention to this post. And if you’re in the early stages of wedding planning, this is a great thing for you to take care of right now so you can rest easy knowing you’re going to be taken care of on wedding day.

You’re going to want a wedding day survival kit. That’s right. A survival kit. And the earlier you get it ready, the better you’ll feel throughout your entire wedding planning process. Every element of your wedding day is a glorious opportunity for something amazing to happen. Unfortunately, they’re equally an opportunity for something to go awry. And we definitely don’t want that happening to you! So, do yourself a favor and find these things and put them in your kit right now (or at least add it to your “to do”s for the weekend. ;)).


Photography by Graceology

This is one of the best lists of supplies we’ve seen so far. If you were going to any other venue, we’d say to take the time (and money) to pack two sets of this list (sans the bride’s fingernail polish and tampons) so that your guys can be prepared, too. Thankfully, our suites are close enough that sharing is not a problem at all. And believe us, the guys will be asking for supplies on wedding day; they almost always do.

Wedding Day Survival Kit
chalk (to cover stains/spills on your dress)
sewing kit
extra stockings
bobby pins
thread that matches dresses and tuxes
hairspray (for hair and to stop bleeding)
hem tape
lint brush(es)
safety pins
small scissors
straight pins
static-cling spray
super glue (broken heels happen all the time)
earring backs or extra earrings
baby powder
eye drops
clear nail polish
contact solution
nail polish in bride’s color
acid relief
nail file or emery board
tampons & pads
straws (to not smudge your lipstick)
headache medicine
baby wipes
dental floss
anti-wrinkle spray
small, portable mirror
water bottles
mouth wash
cell phone
watch (maybe send it over to the guy’s suite? ;))
cell phone charger
vendor’s phone numbers (on paper)

Special tips:
Don’t skimp on the umbrella, even if there is 0% chance of rain. You might even need it to keep cool from the sun.
Handkerchiefs aren’t necessary but an added benefit. Plus, they turn into sentimental mementos of the day.