16 Things You Need to Get Done The Week of the Wedding

Here is a quick list of things you want to remember the week before your vintage wedding day just to make sure you don’t forget.

Finalize the Details

Have a final meeting with your wedding planner or coordinator before your big day in case you need to go over any last details.

Finish Up Those Projects

As the final hours are counted down, make sure to finish any projects or assignments that you have from work. Doing this will make sure you don’t have as much to worry about, and you aren’t trying to cram everything before your big day.

Final Payments

Have your payments and checks ready for your vendors ahead of time so you aren’t stressing about the final payments.

Clean The Rings

Get your rings cleaned and polished for the big day so when you take your wedding photos they will sparkle and complete your beautiful photos.

Wedding Decor

When preparing for your wedding drop any decor or needed items at the venue the day before, but make sure to check with your vendor if it is okay to do so.

Wedding Dress!

Time to pick up your wedding dress! Make sure you try it on so any last adjustments can be made. You can also bring along any jewelry and shoes to make sure they match your gown.

Cardboard and Wedding Gifts

Don’t forget the card box, wedding gifts and any decorations that you want by assigning a family member or friend that you trust to take them home for you. You may be too busy with the timeline and other festivities to remember to grab everything.

Quality Time

Try to find a window in your busy schedule to spend some quality one on one time with your soon-to-be spouse.

Last Minute Details

When it comes to crossing the T’s and dotting your I’s, double check your email inbox incase of any important last minute details need your attention from your vendors.

Practice Your Vows

Practice, practice, practice! Make sure you practice saying your vows outloud. Say it in front of a trusted friend or even a mirror. You may have read your vows silently in your head a hundred times, but saying it outloud will help prevent any hiccups or make sure it doesn’t sound weird.  It will also help you steady your voice, make you feel calm and confident.

Touch Base

Before the wedding, it is good to touch base with your in-laws and your family to help with any questions or concerns they may have. Doing this will make your life 100 times easier so you don’t have to be bombarded with these questions the day of your wedding.

Wedding Shoes

It is most likely that your beautiful new shoes that you bought for the big day aren’t broken in. Wear them around your house the week of the wedding so you and your feet won’t be dying on your big day.

Hosting The Rehearsal

When it comes to your rehearsal dinner, make sure you confirm everything that you want if you have a family member or friend in charge of setting that up. This will help to avoid any miscommunications.

Cleaning Spree

Go on a cleaning spree for your home. Coming home from your wedding or honeymoon to a clean house not only makes you feel happy, but  also gives you a clean slate to start your new lives together. 

Marriage License

Don’t forget to grab your marriage license. Get someone to keep track of it on the big day so you can have it signed and not lost in the excitement of the day.

Confirm RSVP’s

Use this time to call the people who haven’t RSVP’d yet. This will give you a confirms head count and let your vendors know how many people will be attending so they can set out the appropriate amount of food, chairs, and charge you the correct amount.