More times than not, bride and grooms that opt for vintage or rustic barn weddings are the DIY type. This could be because of their budget or just their style and having everyone to help pitch in.

With that being said, DIYing your wedding is a big deal! Not only are you, the bride, the most important part of the day, but that also means you having a lot of responsibility. Stress comes with responsibility.

You will hear this probably 100 more times before you finally get married. Your wedding day will go by fast, it will be hectic, and you need to soak in every single moment with the least amount of stress as possible. 

That’s where this list comes in. These 12 things are crucial to your day, so you definitely don’t want to forget anything!

12 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

  • Marriage License
    • Obviously, you do not want to forget this. I know what you are thinking, “how could I ever forget the license?” When you are running around on your wedding day and caught in all the emotions, a paper folder can be hard to keep up with. It may be best to hand this task off to your maid of honor or take it over the night before if possible.
  • Emergency kit
    • This kit was a LIFESAVER on my wedding day. Our wedding was an hour and half from our house, so having to pack up everything was something totally extra on the list. Sometimes the bridesmaids will all pitch in and make one for you, which is awesome. But if they don’t try to pack this a few days in advance to not forget anything. A few emergency items include: Toiletries, tampons, travel size deodorant, Q-tips, headache relief, makeup wipes, dry shampoo, hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, and tissues.
  • Bridal Accessories
    • Find a cute canvas bag (maybe one that says wifey or bride) to put your jewelry, garter, hair accessories, and any other small items that you may be wearing on your big day.)
  • Person in charge
    • You may have a wedding coordinator which is great, but if you don’t put someone in charge for the day of your wedding. Be sure to inform them on the timeline and vendors. There will still be questions, believe me, so instead of you having to worry, delegate this to someone else.
  • Payments and Gratuities
    • If you have any payments or tips that need to be taken care of, leave that to the one in charge. I made out envelopes and put the checks in with the vendor’s name on the outside. This also went in the folder with the marriage license just, so it was easier to keep up with.
  • Wedding Bands
    • Don’t forget the rings! Most of the time the best man will hold on to the groom’s while the maid of honor has the bride’s band. If you don’t have a wedding party, give the bands to “that person in charge”.
  • Vows
    • I love when couples write their own vows. It’s such a special and meaningful touch on a traditional ceremony, but don’t leave them at home! Also, remind your future husband so he doesn’t forget either!
  • Change of clothes & Reception Dress
    • If you plan to change dresses so you can party down at the reception, make sure you pack it! Also, you may want a spare set of regular clothes depending on where you are going at the end of the night, or if you are leaving for your honeymoon directly.
  • Special Props
    • Wedding mementos make amazing photographs; such as save the dates, formal invitations, or photos of loved ones that have passed on. If you plan on using these, have them at the venue before the photographer gets there. Also, some couples use a “Thank You” banner to send out photos after the wedding to thank people for gifts. These would take place of the traditional thank you cards.
  • Bridal Party Gifts
    • Sometimes these are handed out at the rehearsal dinner while other brides want photos made on the morning of. Either way, make sure they are packed and ready to go!
  • Personal Letters
    • Another popular trend is writing a letter to your significant other to give to them before the ceremony. Usually these are delivered by the bridal party or are swapped during the “first look” if you are planning that.
  • Photo List
    • You will definitely cover which photos you would like with your photographer. However, in the moment and trying to round everyone up there may be some poses you might miss. So, make a list of must haves just be sure. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS! When it’s all said and done, years later these are the most priceless photos to look back on! We had a list and I still wished I had some others included!

Whew! So much to remember in such a short amount of time! Just remember, your rustic wedding will be perfect no matter what bumps you may hit. So, take a breath, stay calm, embrace your day, and print this list to have at your fingertips!  Happy Wedding Planning!