Reception seating plans. They can be a big deal when you’re wedding planning. You want to make sure your friends all get to sit together (and not with your crazy Uncle Joe), and you want to sit with your favorite people, too. Or maybe you want to sit alone with your favorite person.

There are a few lines of thinking when it comes to seating arrangements for weddings.
1. Let everyone sit with the people they already know and like. Then, you’ll know everyone will have someone nearby to chat with and they’ll all get along.
2. Mix it up! His family might not know your family, and you want everyone to get to know each other.
3. Let them figure it out on their own. It’s a hybrid of the two. The people who get seated first will probably be sitting with their friends and family, and the people who are late to the reception (probably your wedding party will be late to the reception with you because you’ll need them for photos after the ceremony) can fill in where they want.
4. Have open seating with a few reserved seats for the wedding party and close family. This setup creates a few head tables and then just some general seating like #3.

And then there’s you. Where do you want to sit? Do you want a big family table with your and his families? Or do you want a tiny table facing the crowd for just you and your sweetheart. Maybe you want to sit with the bridal party to thank them for being involved. Whatever you choose, we can help make it happen. Just like one of our recent brides.


She wanted to sit out by the lake with her sweetheart during the reception so she could chat quietly with him while the sun set over the lake. It turned out to be a gorgeous setting, and crazy romantic! There’s usually a nice, cool, evening breeze down by the lake. And instead of hearing the hum of the crowd of your wedding guests, you get to hear the song of the summer bugs humming away. You can think out there. And talk. And even sneak in a few kisses if you want. ;)

If you’re worried bout being away from the party for too long, you needn’t be. You’ll be surprised how short that dinner will pass and you will be back up at the reception barn dancing the night away. But you’ll have sweet memories of that time together with your sweetheart, catching up about the pre-ceremony goings on, dreaming about the night and the next few days, or remembering why you’re there with the one you love that day.

Did you decide where you’re going to sit yet? You can’t go wrong. Spring Lake is the perfect place for choices because every single one is the right choice.