5 Reasons to Embrace Your Rainy Wedding Day

Remember the line from the Alanis Morrisette song? “It’s like rain on your wedding day.” She was singing about how ironic it was that on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life something dreary, like rain, comes along and ruins it.

But rain doesn’t have to be a wedding day killer! Even though rain on their wedding day tops the fears of anxious couples everywhere, it can actually be a pretty fantastic addition to your wedding day festivities, even if (especially if!), you have an outdoor venue.

We are going to share with you some of the top reasons to embrace your rainy day wedding to hopefully assuage your anxieties and even give you some ideas on how to make the most of a rainy day wedding if it happens to you. Who know, by the time you get to the end of this article you might be crossing your fingers and praying FOR a rainy day wedding!

Rainy Day Wedding Photos

It is all about the photos on your wedding day, am I right? One thing that makes for Ah-Mazing wedding photos is spontaneity and joy, and what could be more spontaneous and joyful than frolicking in the rain on your wedding day?!

The tip: So, if it rains on your wedding day, live it up! Go wild, and get your photographer there to capture all of the memorable, and damp, fun. Hike up your dress, put your heels in your hands and splash in puddles hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. Capture that photo of your ring bearer with his pants all rolled up trying to catch a frog.

Umbrellas are awesome for photos. A white, black, or clear umbrella can capture and reflect light in really cool ways. Not to mention the look of raindrops suspended on film. Here is a great page for some photo tips for rainy day weddings. Warning: once you see these jaw-dropping photos, you will DEFINITELY want a rainy day wedding!

Romantic Rainy Day Weddings

There is just something so romantic about the rain. Everything about it is romantic, or it can be if you look at it just right (glass half full and all that!). The sound that rain makes pattering down on your tent or the roof (bonus points if it’s a tin roof!). Snuggling under an umbrella with your sweetheart. What is not to love?

The tip: Be prepared. If the forecast looks like rain, make sure that your venue has tents that can go over outdoor areas, and see if they have rainy day solutions for you, such as hay to lay down in areas that are prone to getting muddy in the rain.

Beautiful Rainy Weddings

I would rather have a rainy day wedding with cooler temperatures than a hot, humid wedding day anytime. There is something so cozy and romantic about a slightly chilly, rainy day. If it does rain on your wedding day guests will appreciate the cooler temperatures and so will you when you are decked out in all of your finery.

The tip: To keep guests comfortable, perhaps considering renting outdoor heaters or lighting a fire in the fireplace of your venue if that is an option.

Rainy Day Wedding Favors

There is something about rain that has a way of bringing a group of people together. It engenders a sense of camaraderie and fun. It can be a little whimsical, a little magical even.

The tip: If it does rain on your wedding, embrace it. Make it fun for your guests. If it seems likely that it will rain on your wedding day you might consider evening theming your wedding around it. Get monogramed umbrellas to give out to guests as wedding favors. Hang up colorful umbrellas as décor. You can get really creative here.

Good Luck On Rainy Day Weddings

There is an old saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck. We aren’t sure if this is true or not, but we do know that it makes a great story to tell, and tell, and tell again.

The tip: Whatever happens on your wedding day, embrace it and enjoy it. Make the most of every moment of this most special day. Rejoice with your family and friends and your love. When you bring the joy and the love the day can’t help but be wonderful!