The Benefits of Having an Open Air Venue

Exploring options and searching for the perfect venue for your wedding? We’ve been there and we’ve done the searching, our favorite weddings are those who utilize an open venue. Maybe you’re deciding between a hotel ballroom and an outdoor landscape. Here are the quality benefits of choosing an open-air venue! 

Vintage Wedding Venue in Georgia

Gorgeous View and Natural Vibe

Open-air venues open your space to the beautiful outdoors and create unity with nature. Spring Lake’s space features an open barn that opens up to a relaxing view of the romantic pond. Because of the water, a refreshing breeze accompanies the interior of the spacious barn. Nothing compares to the view of the calm, rippling pond and the rejuvenating smell of nature, the natural sunlight, the sound of birds chirping, and the decoration of beautiful plants and trees.

food table at vintage wedding venue in georgia

Refreshing Weather

If you and your partner love spending time enjoying the outdoors, an outdoor wedding is perfect for you. Add to the feelings of both you and your guests with the fresh breeze, the warm sun, and the gorgeous scenery an outdoor wedding brings. Give your guests the luxury of socializing in the beautiful weather after the ceremony. Our venue highlights the natural landscape of Spring Lake by offering outdoor ceremonies with the calming pond as the backdrop. The open-air, spacious barn allows you and your guests to enjoy the weather even while inside. 

Vintage Weddings Venue in Georgia | Barn Wedding Venue

Photos to Fall in Love With

Choosing a venue with outdoor scenery you love provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your wedding photos. The natural venue provides absolutely fabulous backdrops and natural decorations for your shoot. Outdoor photography means that your pictures will feature natural sunlight and will add a light and airy vibe to your wedding album. The options for wedding picture stances, angles, and backgrounds are quite limited in an indoor, enclosed space. The best wedding photos aren’t those with overloaded decorations but those with the soft, warming backdrop of nature that enhances the subjects while featuring God’s beautiful creation. 

wedding dress hanging at vintage wedding venue in georgia

Crowd Control 

There are few things worse than an over-crowded wedding, and we get it, you don’t want to leave anybody out! Instead of cutting your invitation list, cut out small, enclosed spaces. Opt for instead, a spacious and open-to-nature venue. Provide your guests with the luxury of space. This will create an airy and breathable vibe to your wedding and will create a joyful atmosphere of social and relaxed guests.

rustic barn wedding at vintage wedding venue in georgia

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Rockmart, Georgia

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose an open-air, outdoor wedding venue. If you’re looking for a beautiful, nature-filled, airy, spacious venue to host your once-in-a-lifetime day, consider choosing Spring Lake Events. We are excited to provide a calm and relaxing vibe for your ceremony near the lake and are ready to accommodate all your guests in our open barn filled with a refreshing breeze and natural sunlight. We can’t wait to see your beautiful, naturally lit photos featuring our gorgeous landscape. For more information or to book an appointment call (770) 377-6962 or email us at