Okay, Bride. Stop reading right here! Alright. You can read the next few sentences, but don’t read past this paragraph. We want you to send a link to this page straight to your groom-to-be (use this link: http://www.georgiavintageweddings.com/what-every-groom-to-be-needs-to-know/). He needs to read this and you need to not read this. You can skip past this blog post and read the next one. Mmmkay?

Hi Groom!!! Welcome to what we assume is your first wedding blog post! We’re going to give you some tips and secrets to make your wedding day amazing. Here’s the scoop: We know you probably haven’t thought of these things unless you’ve been to some weddings recently and been in the wedding party. We’re going to let you in on a couple of secrets your bride wants you to know but probably won’t tell you.

#1. Write your bride a letter. Just this once. Yeah, we know email and texting is all the rage these days, but love is timeless and should be handled with care. And nothing shows that you took time to make it important like putting pen to paper. Old school. Use your best handwriting and the best paper you can find (she’s going to keep this for a long time), and get to writing. Tell your gorgeous babe how lucky you are to have her and how you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her. Tell her you are looking forward to growing old with her and that you’ll love her every day of her life. You know, that kind of stuff. And sign it. Don’t forget to sign it (dating it with your wedding date wouldn’t hurt either, since it’s kind-of an important one).

Photography by Nathan and Natosha Photography

#2. Buy a gift!! You don’t have to be rich and get all fancy, but this event is one of the most important ones of your life. The entire day is basically going to be a celebration of how much you love your new wife, and before you ever even see her, she’s going to need a present. That’s right. You’ve got to buy her a present and send it to her on the wedding morning. Here’s how you do it. Go to the jewelry store and pick out something elegant and timeless (it doesn’t have to be diamonds and cost thousands, but the jewelry store is a great place to start). Have the jeweler wrap it. Put it with that sweet note you already wrote back at #1. Pack it in your wedding day bag (or car) without her seeing it. That morning (after your photographer has arrived so they can capture her sweet teary expression of joy) grab your ring bearer or another cute kid nearby and your best man. Send both of them to your bride-to-be with the gift. Make sure the photographer is ready to capture the moment. And sit back and relax knowing you’ve fulfilled your most important pre-wedding duty on wedding day.