Controlling Sweat on Your Wedding Day

Although talking about being sweaty at your Georgia wedding venue is not glamorous, it is something that many brides are concerned with. Even during the fall, brides can become sweaty, and you may be worried about your dress, makeup, smell, and more.


But you don’t want pressures or your surroundings to have an impact on how you look, feel, or smell, and the best way to assist is to be prepared. You can appear calm and feel fresh no matter what with a few simple steps.

Refrigerate Your Cosmetics

Place your skincare items in the refrigerator the night before your wedding day. You may buy a compact cosmetic fridge, where you can also store useful beauty equipment like jade rollers to de-puff, or just store it in a beverage cooler or kitchen refrigerator.


Everything from your moisturizer to your makeup will chill you down as you apply it on the big day; you can even mix in your fragrance mist for a refreshing blast every time you spray.


Keeping your cosmetics cool is one of the ultimate wedding tips you will find. It is something that many people overlook when planning their weddings. This is the best tip for anyone throwing a Georgia wedding and especially for those who have hot wedding days.

Try Using Liquid Antiperspirant

We all have sweaty spots, and whether it’s the back of your neck, upper lip, or palms, there’s a simple remedy. Simply use an unscented liquid antiperspirant to help keep the moisture at bay while remaining entirely undetected.


It should be kept in your wedding clutch for quick access. Even in the fall, Georgia can be known for a few warm days, and if you’re inside with a bunch of people, it can be humid! Antiperspirant can be used for more than just your underarms.

Purchase Chafing Powder

When sweat becomes an issue, it may cause problems everywhere your skin contacts and possibly rubs. The last thing you want on your wedding day is an itchy rash!


But don’t be concerned—chafing powder can be your number one weapon of defense. Look for a cream that will turn into a cooling powder. This will save you a lot of pain while enjoying time at your Georgia wedding venue.

Botox is a Wedding Trick Brides Have Used for Years

Are you worried that your anxieties may get the better of you on your wedding day?


Hyperhidrosis, a medical disorder characterized by excessive sweating, may be treated with Botox injections. Some brides will get botox in their armpits as well as a few other areas. It is something to talk to a professional about.


Keep in mind you should always get botox well before your Georgia wedding.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are really struggling with controlling your sweat through simple tips and tricks, it may be time to get a professional involved. Your doctor may recommend treatments that will help control your sweating. It is best to go to the doctor well before your wedding day for the best results.