Getting RSVPs can easily be one of the most important – and stressful – parts of the wedding planning process. Getting an accurate idea of how many people will be attending your wedding/reception is essential, especially when it comes to planning food and communicating with your vendors. You can limit stress by doing a few different things to make the RSVP process as smooth as possible. 

RSVPs and Wedding Planning

It’s extremely common for couples to put an RSVP deadline on their invitations and not have guests submit their details by that date. This can be frustrating and make the planning process more complicated, so let’s go over some ways that you can encourage people to turn in their RSVPs on time.

Stay Organized

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s essential to make sure that you keep an organized list of your guests and their responses. The only way to know who hasn’t sent in their RSVP is to know who has, so keep an updated list and reference it frequently as the deadline for responses draws closer.

Invisible Ink

If your RSVP card doesn’t expressly ask people to include their names, then you may end up trying to figure out who sent in what RSVP. One simple way to avoid this is to buy a pen with invisible ink and mark the back of each RSVP card. This can be an excellent way to make sure you know whose card is whose without making it obvious to your guests.

Strict Deadline

Having a strict deadline is important when it comes to collecting RSVPs. The deadline should be made clear in your invitation or some people may not realize that there’s a specific timeline in place.


Individuals typically wait about a day after the deadline passes to start reaching out to those who haven’t sent in their RSVPs. Sending a quick text can be a great way to remind your guests that you need their responses, but don’t be afraid to be upfront about the importance of receiving all of the RSVPs in a timeline manner.

Be Creative

If you’re having a unique wedding, then your RSVPs are a great chance to be creative and have fun. If your wording is memorable then people may be less likely to forget they need to respond. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun with the design.

Be Clear

It may happen that you have a few guests who haven’t responded even weeks after the deadline has passed. If this is the case, you can kindly reach out to them and let them know that they’re welcome to come and then include any specifics necessary. For example, you could let them know that they’ll need to bring their own seating or that they may not be able to have the full dinner.


Handling RSVPs can be difficult, but it’s important to remain kind and direct. Don’t be afraid to be clear with your guests and transparent about the planning process.