Should the bride and groom write letters to each other for their wedding day? In our opinion, one million times YES!

Exchanging vows with the love of your life is an emotional experience. There is an undeniable intimacy that manifests on the day of your wedding and is one of the purest, most amazing moments two people can share. It’s true, the “vows” are your confession of love and commitment to each other. However, sharing a few words in private together pre-ceremony is a moment that you will never regret.

Letters to each other should come from the heart (duh, right?)  They should be written in a moment of solitude and reflection. Don’t worry if you aren’t the most talented writer, there is more to the letters than the words on the page.

If we could encourage couples to do anything on their wedding day, it would be this. Let yourself be emotional. The day of your wedding is a day of celebration; a day of togetherness. What better way to experience true togetherness than vulnerability and expression of your hearts.

When should the bride & groom exchange letters to each other?

The bride and groom should exchange their letters to one another approximately one hour before the ceremony. In our experience, there is a moment in the day that lends itself mostly to waiting. The “pre” wedding photos are done, the bride has been stowed away to remain hidden from her guests and groom. Usually, by this time, “first looks” have been exchanged and all are anxiously awaiting the ceremony.

If the bride and groom are saving the first look for the ceremony; standing back to back around a door or wall is a great way to enjoy this moment. If you’re sharing a first look and have that arranged earlier in the day, it is also a wonderful experience to read the letters back to back prior to the big reveal. Something about getting all in your feelings really makes for a special moment.

What to write in a letter to the groom?

Bride; when writing a letter to your groom, first consider the qualities in him that are often hidden or shared with only you. Women are, by nature, much more in tune with their feelings. Celebrating the secret moments the two of you share opens the door for vulnerability. Secondly, remind him of the reasons that you fell in love with him and why he is the person you have chosen to share life with.

What to write in a letter to the bride?

Groom; we know it doesn’t always come as easy to you, but she is worth the effort. Take time to think about the qualities in her that you love most. A letter to the bride doesn’t have to be long or elegant, it just has to be from your heart. Include in your letter the time when you decided that she was the one, and why you felt that way. Most importantly, be sure to include how she impacts your life.

Writing wedding letters to each other on your special day, whether funny, emotional, or both, is an experience that you will cherish forever. Add these letters to your keep sake box or frame. As each anniversary comes around, reflect on the love and intimacy that existed on your wedding day and celebrate the way it grows and changes with every passing year.