There are hundreds of decisions that need to be made when it comes to planning a wedding and it can easily become very overwhelming to keep track of everything. It’s completely natural that some details are often forgotten about when planning a wedding, so you can use this guide to make sure that you’ve got everything covered.

Important Wedding Details

Having the perfect wedding often means thinking about the smallest details. Let’s go over some of the most common things that many people forget about while they’re planning their big day.


If you’re hosting your wedding and reception at two separate locations, it’s important to think about the transportation your wedding party will need. Many people rent cars that the wedding party can use, but there are a variety of other options. However, it’s important to have transportation arranged far ahead of time.

Vendor Tips

It can get easy to be swept up in the different logistics of working with your vendors, but tips are something that’s often forgotten. It’s generally a good idea to have cash for vendor tips, but some vendors may accept tips in other ways. Also, don’t forget to add vendor tips to your wedding budget!


If you are going to be giving out cash tips, it’s also important to have a secure place to keep the money throughout the day so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Dress Hangers

If you’re going to be taking pictures of your dress on its own, then you’ll need to make sure that you have nice hangers available. Hangers are an easy thing to throw into your wedding supplies, so consider if you’re going to want them during photos.


Most people are extremely busy on their wedding day. From getting dressed and ready to taking photos and speaking with guests, there are so many different things that need to get done. It can be easy to forget about eating breakfast on your big day, but having a healthy meal can be a great way to start your day. Planning ahead is important, so consider what breakfast you’d like to have when you wake up.

Hire a Seamstress

While this definitely isn’t necessary, it can be extremely helpful to have a seamstress there for your big day. The seamstress can help with any ripped hems or other damage that occurs to clothes. Having the right support on your big day can provide you with peace of mind, so consider if you’d like to hire a seamstress.

Your phone

It goes without saying that you won’t want to be holding your phone during pictures or the ceremony. However, creating a plan for your phone can significantly impact your day. It’s important that you have your phone if you need to communicate with vendors or members of the wedding party, so consider where you can keep your phone. Some people assign their phone to someone and make sure that they’re responsible for keeping it safe.