It’s a new year! It seems like we haven’t written a blog post all year…oh wait!

Today let’s chat about goals. You’ve got to have them. In life, at work, in projects. And if you realize it or not, you probably have goals even if they aren’t written down on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror. Weddings are no different.

What are your goals for your wedding? Are you planning on wining and dining your friends and family? Are you aiming for magazine-worthy photos of an arbor dripping with roses? Do you want to host the party of the year complete with dancing and accent lighting?

We love this question because it’s the driving force that makes every wedding unique. Pair a couple’s goals with their own personalities & personal style, and you’ve got limitless combinations of details and activities that keep our barn wedding venue alive with endless variety from vintage weddings to bohemian weddings. We’ve never seen any two weddings come out the same at the end of the day. Even if you just pick our most basic catered wedding venue package that includes the venue, food, and flowers, your wedding will be completely unlike another bride that will select the same wedding package.

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Photography by Morning Light by Michelle Landreau

So, what do you want people to say at the end of the night? Imagine, it’s time to head out for the evening and Aunty Myrtle is chatting with your mom saying “…….?” What? What do you want her to be saying? “Man! I haven’t danced this much since I was 22!” or “This was such a gorgeous wedding.” or “Where did your order this to-die-for-cake from?” Or maybe you want to overhear her say, “This was the perfect place for them to get married. The scenery is gorgeous, the food was amazing, and your daughter was stunning.”

And even more important than what Aunt Myrtle says at the end of the night, what do you want to remember from your wedding day when your 5th anniversary rolls around? Or your 10th? Or your 30th? Because this is the one day you will remember as a couple for a really long time. And no pressure, but you get one try to make it special and to make it yours. It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a wedding day you will dream fond memories of. It just takes a vision (and some elbow grease or an awesome planner (or even an awesome maid of honor)).

And the best part is we’re here to help your wedding day goals get accomplished.