In case you didn’t know, one awesome member of our team is an amazing florist! She’s been creating floral arrangements for, well, a long time. She’s worked for other venues in the past that we know you’ve heard of, but she’s ours now! And she’s doing amazing work for our weddings.

If you choose to purchase one of our wedding packages, we’ve already included all of the basics you’ll need for your wedding day. Not only that, but our florist is more than happy to customize a floral collection for you. Not a big fan of roses, let her help you select an arrangement you love. We’re particularly fond of Hydrangeas, English Roses, and Anemones, but you can choose what you like. And if you are a big fan of roses, but want more than what the basics cover (tables? end of aisle decorations? cedar arch adornment?), just let us know. Our florist can take care of anything your heart desires. In the floral department, at least. ;)

We wanted to share one of her recent bouquets for a wedding we had here just a few weeks ago. She was kind enough to take some progress photos of the gorgeous creation. Let’s have a look!

First, she gathers all her goodies. There’s so much variety of types of flowers, greenery and other things (that I am not sure exactly what they’re called). I’m pretty sure if I sat down with a pile of things to make a bouquet, it would be a bunch of different kinds of flowers and maybe some ribbon (if I was on my game that day). This amount of variety in the photo below is the sign of a true professional. She has just the perfect amount of flowers, a variety of textures, colors, and sizes of items.

She starts off with the main core of the bouquet, the heart of the center. Then, she builds out the bouquet, adding volume and variety as she goes. Since I’m not a professional florist (like she is), I’ll step back and let her pictures do the talking.