Top Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

Everyone knows that weddings are expensive.

From the flowers to the cake to the dress to your guests.

It is an all around expensive event that can cost up into the thousands.

So when the happiest day of your life is over and you are stuck with tons of napkins, flower vases, and customized candies. The only question you ask yourself is:

How can I get rid of these?

But you should start asking yourself: How can I recycle these?

You spent good money on all of these things! So why throw them away when you can still get good use out of them? 

Wedding Dress

Let’s starts off with the most treasured item of your wedding, your wedding dress! 

Now lately there has been a trend of recycling your mothers, aunts or grandmothers wedding dress altered to fit the young bride or even turn it into a completely different yet beautiful style.

That is the similar theme of how you can recycle your own wedding dress. 

You are able to have your gown redesigned and altered into a cocktail dress. You can even dye it a different color so it can be an evening gown you can wear out on your anniversary or other special occasions. You could also leave it white and it can serve as a beautiful dress for a baptism. There is also the alternative of just using different parts of the dress for different occasions such as the skirt to wear with a beautiful fancy blouse. Or vice versa and use the top and attach it to a different skirt bottom.

There are tons of beautiful ideas that you can do to recycle your wedding dress!

Wedding Shoes

Shoes for this event are going to be expensive regardless, so why not use these beautiful shoes more than once?

Taking an idea from the previous section and dying them a different color is another wonderful way to recycle shoes.  White shoes can be hard to keep clean, so it would be easier to color them a darker color and use them for different social events. Also dying them with bold pops of color is a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe.

Wedding Decorations 

Decor from the reception and ceremony can be used as centerpieces and decor in your own home. 

Vases, jars, and cute props can be reused and repurposed around your house.

The Flowers

Your bouquet is another precious memory from your wedding that is designed to wither away (if you are using real flowers). So instead of just letting them die for you to eventually toss out you can have it professionally dried and pressed. You could use the flower petals to decorate your wedding album or even scrapbook.

A New Life

If you still have tons of decorations and food left over that you have no clue what to do with. You can either donate it or sell it!

Donating your items gives them a new life and a new way to be used. 

Food can be donated to a shelter who would be happy to accept!

Being stuck with tons of items after your wedding can be difficult but recycling is the answer to solve this problem! It prevents more waste from entering the dump and gives them a new life and be useful to other people in the future!