So, you’ve found the perfect wedding venue for vintage weddings? And now you’re ready to plan your own? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve seen a ton of weddings, and we’ve seen all kinds of ideas to make vintage weddings both sentimental and gorgeous. One of our favorite new trends we’ve seen is the incorporation of antique furniture into weddings.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate furniture is to use an antique buffet table as a guest welcome table on the way down to the lake. This is where you’ll want to display your guest book and set out your programs. It’s also an awesome spot to showcase some of your favorite memories with your sweetheart with photos (or even a photo guestbook!). If it’s hot out, you might want to include a bucket of iced bottles of water and/or a basket of fans.

Don’t forget to decorate the table, too! Burlap and lace bunting can take a plain jane table from boring to festive quickly. And a simple vase (or bucket) of flowers is a breath of fresh air (even when you’re surrounded by it ;) ). This is also a great place for guests to drop their cards (so they don’t forget later).


Photography by Kiss the Bride Photography

Our next favorite location for furniture in weddings is up at the reception barn. After the ceremony, your guests will probably meander their way up the drive to the stairs that lead into the wedding barn. At the top of the stairs, your guests could have another point of communication with you while you’re out dancing in the fields with your photographer. The top of the stairs here is a great location to place a table large enough to hold seating assignments (or a sign designating no seating assignments) and any pre-ceremony favors (like crayons and coloring pages for kids or quizzes for the grownups). It’s also another great opportunity for photos, flowers and other decor items like lanterns. At the end of the night, this is also a great place to set up your favors and exit supplies (like bubbles or sparklers), since this is most likely where your guests will be lining up to send you off.

If you’re not planning on heading out on the lake in the canoe, we’ll usually leave it at the bottom of the stairs to collect gifts for you, too, so that’s one less thing this multitasking table will need to do. :)

And in the end, if you don’t have extra fancy antique buffet tables, there’s no need to worry! We’ll have a great spot for everything you need and it will still be breathtaking.