Think: vintage weddings. Okay, now what does that make you think of? Maybe a horse-drawn carriage? Or possibly an exquisite vintage lace wedding dress? Or grandma’s broach on your bouquet? What is that? Mason jars? Right. They’re so vintage, they’re modern. ;)

Cinderella has influenced lots of us in our earlier years, so much so that a horse-drawn carriage is just part of the dream vintage wedding for a lot of brides (and grooms), long after bedtime stories are over. And that’s what we’re going to share about this week.

Imagine. You’re just finished getting dressed for one of the most important days of your life. You walk out of the getting ready suite up to the horse-drawn carriage. As your dad holds your hand to help you climb into the carriage, you take a deep breath and try to enjoy the ride. The short ride around the lake takes so much longer than you ever thought it would. When did Spring Lake turn into Lake Lanier, anyway? As you near the ceremony area, you see the silhouette of your groom standing under the cedar arch, and everyone is watching you. They can’t wait to see that gorgeous vintage wedding dress you picked to go with this beautiful vintage wedding.

As you approach the end of the aisle near the vintage wedding pews, the horse slows down and you hear the gravel beneath the carriage grinding to a gentle stop. You dad looks at you with the last reassuring look before he climbs out of the carriage and holds up his hand to help you out. Once you’re on the ground and your dress is refluffled, it’s time for one last deep breath before you walk down the aisle to greet the man of your dreams.

This experience is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that you can only get at Spring Lake. (Er, well, unless you want to drive a really really long way, and we’re talking beyond the state lines!) You’re putting so much time and effort into planning your wedding day, why not take that extra step to create a memory you (and your guests!) will remember forever. Plus, it will give you that special moment to catch up with your dad and take a deep breath to savor the moment.

Remember, you can’t have a do-over of your day. And after watching a lot of brides and grooms make all sorts of decisions about their vintage wedding, we promise they regret not doing something special a lot more often than they regret choosing to do something special.