Wedding Tattoos for Every Couple


Not every couple loves a traditional wedding. The more young couples that are getting married, the more we are seeing colored dresses, laid-back weddings, and fewer wedding rings.

Even if you choose not to have a wedding ring, you may still want a symbol to represent your love. This is where wedding tattoos come in. We see many young couples opt for a tattoo with their loved ones rather than a wedding ring.


Some young couples are doing wedding tattoos and wedding rings! This is a fun and unique way to find something that represents both of you.


Some young couples have jobs that don’t allow wedding rings, others may be afraid to lose something so expensive, and some people just don’t want to wear rings. So, instead of stressing over a small piece of your ceremony, think about these wedding tattoo ideas while you’re planning your Georgia wedding.

Get a Plain Band Around Your Finger

These understated bands are an elegant symbol of your marital status. Wedding rings with such clear definitions are both striking and sophisticated. A tattooed band may be worn by brides beside or instead of an engagement ring.

Dainty and Delicate Symbols

If you don’t want anything too bold, opt for symbols representing both partners. These won’t take too long at the parlor and will last an eternity. This can be more satisfying than initials and names and will look classy at your Georgia wedding.

Nature-Inspired Design

If you and your spouse are connected over loving nature or the same animal, get it tattooed with a small band. Have an owl sitting on top of a band or a willow growing from a thin line. This is a fun way to express a story of why and how you fell in love. Pick something that you both love and cherish.

Roman Numerals

If you have a date that means the world to you both, get it as a wedding tattoo! You can also choose the date of your wedding to get tattooed. This can be done as roman numerals themselves or within the bands.

Tiny Details

That is totally understandable if you don’t want anything flashy to show off. Instead of going for a Celtic knot, big heart, or massive initials, opt for a thin line. You can add dots or something else that looks like finely done henna. This is also good if you plan to use wedding bands in the future because you could cover up the tattoo later on!

Go Mismatched

Not all couples will want to match, and that is okay. Get something that represents you, and you want to look at every day. Your spouse may want the words ‘til death while you want a flower band. That is absolutely okay! You can pick your wedding tattoo because it is going on your body!


It’s time to think deeply about what sort of band you want for your Georgia wedding. This is something that will stand out and something you will admire later on in the future.


Remember that not every job is socially acceptable for hand tattoos, so it will depend on how much effort you want to try to cover it up in the future. Also, finger tattoos take time to heal and if you are hosting a summer wedding, it may not be the best time to receive a tattoo.