Looking for some unique wedding ideas while planning your covid friendly wedding? you’ve come to the right place.

In our last post we discussed the overwhelming task of planning a “normal” wedding during the covid era. Check it out here. Navigating all the new safety suggestions can be challenging, especially when it comes to traditions such as weddings. Spring Lake takes the safety of our couples and their guests very seriously. We also understand the importance of celebrating your marriage with your loved ones and that’s why we’re doing everything in our power to offer couples the ability to do both!

The staff at Spring Lake has teamed up with some of our favorite vendors to brainstorm ideas. We’ve spent hours surfing pinterest in an effort to bring you this list of some covid friendly unique wedding ides.

Covid Friendly, Unique Wedding Alternatives

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

An obvious, yet somewhat impersonal alternative for your wedding ceremony is live stream. While it’s certainly not one of our favorite options, it’s still one very unique wedding alternative worth mentioning. Facebook, instagram and other social media platforms have made sharing your special occasion with those at a distance a little beat easier via their live options and is a great option for those particularly at risk.

Unique Reception Ideas for Covid Friendly Wedding

Truthfully, the ceremony is not the tricky part when it comes to planning a covid safe wedding. For the most part, during a ceremony, all guests sit quietly together (or distanced) and have minimal interaction with one another. For this reason, we have devoted most of our attention to unique, covid safe reception ideas.


Dinner is Served

Okay yes, that is a pun. Dinner can still be served at your wedding reception, and in this case it is actually served. For most weddings, caterers offer dinner in a buffet style. In most cases there are still attendants to serve the food from chaffing dish to plate but none the less, it is still a buffet style. A great alternative idea for catering your wedding is having all plates made ahead of time and served directly to guests at their table.


 Early Afternoon Reception

This is another one of those unique covid safe wedding alternatives that isn’t for everyone, but still worth mentioning. Hosting your wedding during “tea time” or the period of time between lunch and dinner is a great way to cut out the risk of dinner and the cost.


Wedding S’mores, Two Ooey Gooey Reasons to Ditch the Wedding Cake

S’more please! Okay, last pun, I swear.. But really, swapping your wedding cake for s’more kits it one brilliant idea that we have seen and LOVED. This sweet treat is super versatile and can double as a wedding favor for your guests as well. If you aren’t sold yet on this unique wedding idea, just look at the cover picture of this article, its just oozing with love!


Radio Broadcast & Drive In Wedding

This is really at the top of this list for unique wedding ideas, which is why we saved it for last. While it is a bit unconventional, unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. If you’re ever experienced a drive in movie then this wild idea is easy to imagine. Bride & Groom would say their vows, lake side, while guests sit comfortably in their cars tuned into a private station.


Every bride and groom deserve to have the wedding of their dreams. We can’t always control what life throws at us, but thankfully, we can always come up with unique wedding ideas to throw a curve ball back!