Wedding Entrance Ideas for Every Georgia Wedding


After saying “I do” and exchanging your vows, it’s time to go to the celebration or reception. While your wedding ceremony is essential, your reception allows you to customize the event to show off your style as a couple. Making an entry, whether for a cocktail hour, a sit-down dinner, or a beach party, will establish the tone and get the party going.


Various alternatives are available, whether you’re aiming for a grand, jaw-dropping entrance or just want to organize something significant. As a newlywed couple, this will be your first public appearance together. Why not go all out and make it memorable?


Here are some ideas you can use to get started on planning your wedding entrance at your Georgia venue.

Use Colors for Your Wedding Entrance

In the mood for some serious hue? Smoke bombs may be used to create a street celebration. Be careful to check with your venue to see whether they accept them. If so, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite hues! Before you plan this, ensure it is okay with your Georgia wedding venue.

Use a Live Band like a Mariachi Band

It’s a great idea to include local music in your wedding, especially if you’re getting married somewhere exotic. When you arrive at your reception venue, have a mariachi band lead the procession.

Play an Entrance Song

Make your wedding announcement using a song that means something to you. This can be a fun, upbeat song to get your guests in a party mood or something classical that will give off the vibe you’re looking for.

Create a Dance Party

If you plan on having a wedding party, get them inside, dance their way in, and follow them! This is a fun way to enter your Georgia wedding venue, and it makes a cute and goofy entrance to your wedding.

Use Sparklers (If Allowed)

While a sparkler departure is a common concept, it may also be done in the other direction! Get a person in charge of putting this together. As you make your way to the reception area, hand out sparklers to each of your guests.

Use Curtains for a Wedding Entrance

It’s a good idea to design your personal celebration venue’s entryway. Draped drapes with foliage and wonderful lighting are something we’d want to try in our home. There is something special about holding hands as you go through this doorway.

Use a Golf Cart

Arrive with a bang! Weddings in a resort or country club are ideal for this choice. Use a golf cart to go to the party with your companion. Some golf carts can even be rented and brought to your Georgia wedding venue that isn’t on a course!

Use Live Music

Live music may provide a distinct dimension to an event that a DJ cannot. If possible, arrange for a romantic piece to be played when you and your spouse enter the reception at your Georgia venue.