Planning a wedding and looking for guestbook ideas? Here is a list of the top 5 best wedding guestbooks!

The tradition of including a guestbook at your wedding has been around for many years. While its purpose is pretty self explanatory, its meaningfulness should not be overlooked.

Thanks to Pinterest, items being used in place of a traditional “book” range from raw wood slabs to polaroid albums. So what makes a guestbook timeless? And why is that important?

Consider this. If you choose to have a large slab of wood (or board) as your guest book, while it is no doubt unique, displaying it in your home could be a challenge. Equally so, if you choose to have a traditional book, will you store it away and never look at it again?

When thinking of the word “timeless” or “classic” in this case, we’re emphasizing its ability to become a part of your every day life.

Without further ado, here are 5 of the best guestbook ideas, and why they win our vote!

Best Guestbook Ideas for Your Wedding

#5 – Recipe Cards/Cook Book

Having your guests write a note to you on your wedding day is a sweet memento that you will cherish for years to come. The unfortunate part; most of the time whatever your guests sign and write their well wishes on, ends up in a drawer or attic. Having your guests sign receipt cards or a favorite cookbook is a sweet way to include the messages from your loved ones in your every day life!

#4 – Video Messages

This unique guestbook idea requires a little more planning and effort but totally worth it! A station can be set up using a go pro, iPad, or any other device that records. If your hiring a videographer for your wedding, this is also a great thing to include them in on!  Create a space that is semi private to allows guests the opportunity to speak to you and your spouse from their heart. The result is a video that you can watch and relive the day over an over.

#3 – Wooden Bench or Swing

We love the idea of incorporating a piece of furniture as your wedding guestbook. Sure its quite a bit bigger than your traditional guestbook but this is another really special way to incorporate the words of those who celebrated with you in every day life. A porch swing or wooden bench can be sealed once all the signatures have dried to preserve the words forever.

#2 – Blanket or Pillows

You may have seen this idea floating around on Pinterest. “Sign our wedding quilt.” Quilts may not be your style, but I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a good snuggly blanket. Companies like shutterfly or Walmart offer photo printing services that can turn any picture into a blanket. If you’re looking for a simple yet practical wedding guestbook idea, this is it! Have your guests sign a pice of paper; plain white, lined, an engagement photo. Keep in mind, whatever image you choose will be the background of your blanket. When the wedding is over, upload your picture to one of the sites that offer this service and in a few short weeks you will receive a cozy copy of the words from your loved ones.

Guess what, this guestbook idea gets even better! Since your guests signed a paper (or picture) you have the option to have multiple things print.. blanket torn by the dog? no problem, order another! Want matching pillows? you got it! Save the image away in your wedding photo album and refer to it any time.

#1 – Best Wedding Guestbook Idea – Family Bible

We saved this one for last because it is by far our favorite. What greater token of love than the Word of our Heavenly Father, am I right? Maybe there is already a bible in your family that can be passed down to you or maybe its a tradition that you want to start new. Bibles often have pages in the back that are available for notes. Have your guests sign their name and reference their favorite verse or leave a note to you and your spouse. Use this book as the ultimate guide for your new life, a book that you can reference for every new journey and the words of your family and friends are there as well.

As the years pass, your lives will take many turns. When the time comes for the next generation to be married, pass the Bible on to them and have their guests sign it as well.


Getting married is a joyous occasion and planning out all the details is a fun filled experience. Hopefully this list of the top 5 best guestbook ideas has helped you narrow down what you will choose for your big day.


Happy Planning Friends.