When you’re planning a Georgia vintage wedding, we know your girls are busy planning your bachelorette party! There are an endless amount of destination spots that would serve you well when it comes to your Bachelorette party, but we’ve hand-picked a few that we believe are the best of the BEST. Why? Because you deserve it! These destinations are guaranteed to offer you the time of your life, which is exactly what this is all about. One Final Fling. 

5. Disney World! 

They don’t call it “The happiest place on Earth” for nothin’! Many women are packing their bags to visit a giant mouse for their last hurrah these days. It’s not just for kids anymore! Disney World has TONS of fun things to do that are geared towards adults. Of course, you’ll want to be sure you’re keeping your composure in front of the kids at the park, but still no reason you can’t have fun! Enjoy “Drinking around the world” and have a cocktail at each country that’s represented in the park. At night, enjoy the nightlife of Downtown Disney or surrounding bars and clubs! 

4.Miami Beach

If you’re looking for a more “beachy” Florida feel than Disney, Miami Beach is your spot! Hit the beach with the ladies during the day, swing by no-shower happy hour, and then get dolled up to hit the high energy amazing nightclubs! Everything is within your reach! Fruity cocktails, sand in your toes, sunshine, and top-notch nightlife. What more could you need for your bachelorette party recipe?

3. New Orleans 

Honestly, it was a tough, close race between our #3 and #2 spots, but we feel at the current moment, this is the popularity order! New Orleans is another classic destination known for it’s “party” atmosphere. I mean, you have Bourbon Street! How does that not scream “Bride’s Last Party”?! NOLA has amazing food options, unique drinks, and never-ending music and fun. Plan your trip near Mardi Gras for the FULL experience, or don’t… because either way you are still bound to have an amazing, authentic time! 

2. Nashville! 

Nashville has made a push in the rankings in recent years and is climbing it’s way to the top (although, could it ever really beat the tradition of our #1 spot? Time will tell). It’s an obvious choice for the country-music-lovin’ bride, but even if you don’t love country music, you’ll find yourself with so many fun options for things to do. The hotels are accessible to tourist attractions, and the city is geared towards hosting bridal parties at this point! They’re pros! 

1. Las Vegas! 

Of course, when you’re planning a bachelorette party, Vegas is going to instantly flash across your mind, right? It’s the most obvious choice and is heavily represented in pop culture. It’s tradition!

There are SO many things to do in Vegas, so you’re going to want to appoint a planning person to narrow down your activities. There are lots of options for hotels to stay in, pool parties to attend, shows to see, and bars/clubs to dance in. It’s the city that never sleeps, so get ready for an unforgettable but exhausting trip sure to go down in HISTORY!