Wedding days are special and romantic, but they can also be hectic and busy. Finding ways to stay organized on your big day can help you make sure that everything essential happens and give you peace of mind. If you’re worried about forgetting something during your big day, the following tips can help you stay organized and make sure that nothing gets forgotten.

Set a Clear Timeline

One of the best things you can do for your wedding day is to set a clear timeline and give yourself extra time when you can afford to. It’s important to make sure that any necessary vendors, as well as your wedding party, are all aware of the timeline that you’ve set in place and can help make it happen.


Pro Tip: Photos can be time consuming, so consider adding in some extra time there. Especially if your photographer finds additional photo opportunities, you’ll be glad to have an extra buffer.

Create Packing Lists

Forgetting something important can drastically change your wedding day, so consider making packing lists ahead of time. Especially if you have other people that are helping you pack up, lists can be extremely helpful in making sure that nothing gets left behind. If you’re wanting to be really careful, you can do a packing trial run to make sure that everything fits in its containers and can be transported carefully to the venue.

Make a Contact Sheet

Having a contact sheet can be extremely helpful. Consider including anyone in the wedding, as well as all your vendors. If there’s an issue and you need to go get ready, other people can use your contact list to reach out to the necessary people. While you may have everyone’s numbers in your phone already, it can be helpful to have a contact sheet you can share.

Remember to Eat

This tip may not be directly tied to organization, but it’s an essential thing to keep in mind. So many brides get busy and then realize at the end of their day they haven’t eaten anything. Especially if you’re prone to getting nervous, keeping some snacks on hand can be a great way to make sure that you get the fuel you need for your big day.

Pick the Right Venue

One of the best ways to stay organized on your wedding day is picking one venue where you can do both your ceremony and reception. This can save you from running all over and make the day less hectic. 


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