Last time we chatted about choosing the perfect wedding photographer. (Scroll down to read those if you missed them, then come back here. Ok. Ready?) Here we go! Counting down from 5…

5. Choose a dependable wedding photographer. You want your photographer to be there. On time. So when you meet with them the first time, you’ll want to be weary of a late wedding photographer. And make sure they’re on time to your engagement session, too. It will definitely matter on wedding day.

4. Choose a wedding photographer with a sense of humor. You want to show off those pearly whites with a genuine smile on your wedding day and it would help if your groom were flashing a real smile, too, so you’ll want to be on the lookout with someone who matches your sense of humor.

Photography by Once Like A Spark

3. Choose a wedding photographer that can work well under pressure. Even if you’re the most laid back person in the world, wedding days can be stressful. Sometimes it’s just because there’s so much to be done on that one day, and sometimes you’re trying to keep to a schedule. Whatever it is, your photographer needs to work well in the midst of any situation and do so with grace.

2. Choose a wedding photographer with timeless style. There are a lot of trends in photography these days now that we live in a digital world. It’s sad to say that some of the photographs we’ve received from some of our first weddings are unusable because the photographer was so in tune with the trends of the day. You want to show these photos to your grandchildren one day and them still look as elegant as the day they were taken.

1. Find a photographer that fits your personality. The reason is that you’ll be spending the whole day of one of the most important days of your life with this person. From the time you’re getting your makeup done until you get in your car to leave, this person will be in your space. They’ll be doing just what you hired them to do, capture your day, and that requirers that they be up close and personal for much of the day. So pick someone you adore and who you’d love to grab coffee with.

Bonus! Feed your photographer. Keep them on the guest count for your food. The last thing you want is your photographer wearing out because they haven’t eaten all day. And offer them some wedding cake. It might help to get your photos back faster. ;)

There you have it! Our favorite tips for choosing the perfect wedding photographer!