Making sure that all the special moments are captured during your wedding day is important, but how exactly can you know what shots you want taken? Well, one of the best things you can do is sit down with your wedding photographer and discuss this list. Below are some of the most important photos that you’ll want taken on your wedding day.

Getting Ready

Many couples like having pictures of them getting ready for their big day. This can be a great chance to get some shots before things are hectic. During this time, consider if there are any details you want captured, such as a journal entry from the big day or your mother helping you do your hair.


Taking pictures while you’re getting ready can be the perfect opportunity to remember the special moments throughout your day. It can also be a great opportunity to include your wedding party in photos. Speaking of wedding parties…

Wedding Party

It’s fairly common for couples to get some photos with their wedding party. Making sure that this is on your shot list is a great way to include those you love in photos. Consider thinking about some places around your venue where you could take pictures with the whole group. This may be challenging depending on how many people are in your wedding party, so this is a good picture to plan ahead for.


Getting a picture of your rings is a classic and elegant option. If you are going to get this shot, consider thinking about a pillow or backdrop that you can place your rings on. Your photographer will most likely be able to provide you with some more specific information about what makes the most sense.


If you’re putting lots of time and money into decor at your venue, then that should be featured in some of your wedding photos. Especially if you’re going with a DIY option for decor, it can be great to make sure that your hard work is captured forever.


At Spring Lake Events, our venue speaks for itself. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your own decor and make our space even more beautiful. Whether you’re wanting lots of decor or to go with a more minimal option, our venue could be the perfect place for your big day. Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more about our venue and the various services that we offer couples.


Writing your vows down in special booklets can be the perfect way to make sure that they’re organized and it can also be a great photo opportunity. Consider buying some cute books online and writing your vows in them ahead of time.


Remember to give yourself enough time to write your vows! It can be more difficult than you may expect, so this is a to-do list item that you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time for.