The Ultimate Wedding Invitation Guide

Hold up! Before you go buying every pretty wedding-related paper you see, read this complete guide of all the paper you need to design and order in preparation for your wedding. Keep it consistent, start by deciding your color theme and budget, and stick to them. We’ll walk you through everything you need and the options you have to choose from. Let’s get to it!


Alright, we bet you guessed this one. You’re gonna need to design and order invitations. Your wedding invitations are so important, they set the tone of your wedding and communicate the vibe of your wedding. Whether you’re going black tie or beach party, your invitation should resonate with your theme both in style and in colors. 

Invitations have multiple pieces to them. Usually, they include an envelope, the wedding invitation, the reception card (if your reception is at a different location than the ceremony), and an RSVP card along with an unsealed envelope. 

It is best to send invitations 8-10 weeks before the wedding, however, 6 weeks in advance is common. So, be sure to order them 3-4 months ahead of time so you have time to proof them and address the envelopes!

RSVP Cards

These are the cards that you include with an unsealed, self-addressed envelope so that your guests can communicate if they will be able to attend. These generally include a checkbox for whether or not they will be attending and a place for them to write the number of people who will be attending. The most important thing to include is a “return by date” This is the date that your invited friends and family will need to RSVP by so that you can calculate your expected guests!

Reception Cards

These are cards that are included with the invitation inviting guests to participate in a reception party. By keeping the invitation and reception cards on separate cards, you can opt for a smaller reception party with just your close friends and family if you so desire. 

These cards are only needed if your reception is located somewhere other than where your ceremony will be. 

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs provide your guests with all the information they’ll need right in their hands and can also serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day. 

Programs usually provide information concerning the ceremony such as:

  • the date
  • names of the bride and groom
  • the names of the wedding party and may include their relation to the couple
  • remembrance / dedication to deceased loved ones 
  • order of events
  • featured songs 
  • titles of readings 

Thank-You Cards

Thank you cards are for you and your spouse to express your gratitude for the gifts received on your big day. These should be sent out within a month of your honeymoon. Typically wedding thank-you cards are decorated with your new monogram and “thank you” somewhere on the card. However, you can personalize these by including a picture of the two of you with your new gift, which really deepens the meaning of the thankyou card and provides a fun, unique memento for your guests.