So you’ve picked Spring Lake as your dream venue (we aren’t sure why you wouldn’t), and now you’re trying to decide on which package to select. Last week we gave you a quick overview of what our packages include and we briefly described some of the catering options.

Well, hang tight and grab a snack because we’re about to tell you all about one of our favorite packages. It’s called the Lakeside Package and it. is. delicious. Ummmm. It’s full of yummy, down-home, southern food. And we’re just going to say it right now: Cracker Barrel has nothing on our Lakeside Package. Yep. There. We said it.

It starts off with a delicious slow smoked pulled pork BBQ sandwich. And to sweeten the deal, it’s not on any ol’ kind of bun, nope. It’s on a yeast roll. Yumm. It’s casual, but so delicious you could feed it to any crowd. And they don’t scrimp on the sides, either. You get five southern sides to choose from. We know you’ll have a hard time just picking two (especially if you’ve tried them before!). Think buttery corn on the cob, country style baked beans, creamy potato salad, macaroni and cheese, or apple crisp coleslaw. Whoah. See? We told you that you’d have a hard time just picking two.

Even the pickles are cute!

Were you wanting a little sweet something on the side (besides that amazing wedding cake) for your guests? Well, the Lakeside has you covered there, too. It comes with warm baked cinnamon and sugar apples served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Um. Where’s my bowl and spoon?) You even get all the southern drinks, lemonade, sweet tea, unsweetened tea (this option must be for the out-of-town-ers?) and water. This is one sweet deal.

And to top off the food options, you get 4 crazy-sweet servers to set up, serve and breakdown your meal for you. And it comes with dinnerware. Ya. I know. Plus, if you want even more food for your guests, you can add on some more treats for your guests like chicken strips, brunswick stew, potato chips or a garden salad.

Whwew. If your guests aren’t full and happy by the end of that day we just don’t know what to tell you. This is one of our favorite packages and meal options for a reason: we’ve had it! And it’s delicious! Don’t get us wrong, our other caterers are absolutely phenomenal (they really are amazingly talented and you can’t go wrong with any of them!), but we are kind-of partial to the Lakeside package. Maybe it’s because it’s just comfortable, down-home, country cooking. Or maybe because it’s just the meal you would imagine bringing with you on a summer’s afternoon picnic out with your sweetheart down by the lake. And we like that.

Now…where’s the closest BBQ to here that serves cinnamon sugar apples…..