Hello cold January! If you’ve seen our calendar, you probably know by now that we don’t book weddings in the winter months. That’s for 2 reasons. 1) So you don’t have to get married in the freezing cold. 2) So we don’t have to watch you get married in the freezing cold. And okay, one more. 3) Because we LOVE spring, summer, and fall weddings so much, who needs winter ones!!!

Speaking of spring, it’s only a couple of months away! I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that in just two short months, you’ll be working on your summertime tan and the swim suit sections will be filled to the brim with diet-and-workout-inducing fashions. And if you’re getting married in spring or summer, you’ll probably be thinking about shrinking into that stunning wedding dress of yours.

But we love spring for more than swimsuits and diets; we love spring for all the gorgeous wedding excitement it brings! Did you know that brunch-time weddings are a hit these days? And they’re perfect for spring! Believe it or not, Spring Lake is the perfect place for a spring brunch-time wedding. We’ve got warm spring breezes. And soft grassy fields. And the Weeping Willows awake with the most gorgeous apple-green color you’ve ever seen. And we’ve even got the gorgeous woodland backdrop if that’s your thing, too.

Photography by James Paul Photography


We’ve had both vibrant “Hello Spring!!” weddings full of hot pink and bright purple, and soft pastel whispers of “Spring is in the air” with soft pink dresses and grey suits. Both play out beautifully here. Spring Lake is such a versatile venue! That’s one of the reasons we love it!

If you’re having a spring wedding, you get to be first in line for the year before all your friends start throwing their summer soirees. Your guests will welcome the sunshine beaming down on their face, and the drive through the country this time of year is so full of life and promise. And you’ll probably be guaranteed to have a not-hot wedding (unless maybe you get married in mid-late May–it’s such a wildcard!). That means you can pick any type of dress you want (even tea length!) and the guys won’t be taking off their suit jackets every time you turn around (a problem during summer photos, for sure!). And there’s always a chance for spring-time showers. Bummer? No way! It’s just an opportunity to wear adorable rain boots and carry that polkadotted umbrella you love during photos. :) Plus, we’ve totally got the ceremony covered if there’s rain. No really. Literally: in our reception barn.

And one of our favorite parts about spring is the extra wildlife. You probably wouldn’t have guessed that one, right? It’s the time of year when the bees are busy buzzing through the fields, and the birds are dancing through the sky.

So, while we’re all sunggled away in the blissfully cold days of winter, we’re sending warm thoughts of beautiful spring-time weddings your way!