Speaking of lakeside, have you really thought what it means to get married down by the lakeside? Let us take you there on a bright Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon…Let’s begin in the morning. You wake up on one of the most important mornings of your life full of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. You have an appointment with your makeup artist at Spring Lake, so you grab your necessities, call your girls (think: bridesmaids and mom/sister) and head on over to the venue. Someone will probably be around as you arrive and you tell them all about your excited jitters and unload your car while you wait on your makeup artist. Your girls start arriving and your makeup artist arrives soon. You all have lots of laughs as you’re getting more beautiful by the second.

And the guys (including your groom-to-be) start filing in, wearing their wrinkled t-shirts with tuxes in hand. The guys are quickly dressed and handsome, and the girls are just about finished getting ready. Before you know it, the girls are carefully sliding the dress over your head and mom is putting your necklace on you. And then there’s your dad. He’s probably getting all nervous and teary-eyed just thinking about walking you down the aisle. You hear that all the guests are there and getting seated; the ceremony will begin in just a few minutes. You sneak out of the getting ready suite to give dad a big hug in the reception barn before facing that crowd of guests, let alone the man you’re going to marry in a few minutes.

You and your dad walk out to the top of the stairs at the reception barn, you can see everything. The guests in their colorful dresses and suits, the Weeping Willows softly blowing in the breeze, and you can even see a hint of your handsome groom down by the lakeside. And there’s the canoe out there, floating peacefully in the middle of the lake. And on to the left, wow, look at all the cars parked in the field. Which brings you back to the moment, and it’s time to head on down to show off your gorgeous self to your favorite friends and family.

As you walk down the aisle, you can see your handsome groom standing under a gorgeous cedar arch, right in front of a lake, just like a dream. And as the breeze blows, the canoe drifts along behind him. There are ripples out on the lake as you take your place in front of the officiant. Your parents give you away and you turn to face the man of your dreams…

You’ll have to check back next week to read all about our favorite part of weddings at Spring Lake.