If you were reading along with us last week, you’ll remember we were dreaming of a lakeside wedding here at Spring Lake. (ahem) Now, where were we….You were just turning to face the groom.

He has a tear drying on his cheek as you feel him gently squeeze your hand in excitement. The gentle breeze softly blows the few whisps of hair you have near your face. The officiant is talking and you’re trying to listen, but you’ve got so many butterflies it’s hard to pay attention. This moment is so quiet in your heart, so serene. You try to soak it all in because you know you’ll never stand in this place doing this very same thing ever again, so you have to remember every detail you can. How it feels to stand beneath the tall Willows. The sound of the birds in the trees and the bugs in the grass. The musky smell of the officiant’s slightly overpowering cologne, and the little itchy blades of grass on your feet. The look on your groom’s face. And the look on the best man’s face because he knows his buddy is marrying the girl of his dreams. This place and this time could not be more perfect.

After you kiss, and turn to show the world the new couple the moment has created, you and your groom head up the aisle toward the meadow. It doesn’t matter where you go now; you’re together. And married. And, whwew! It’s over!

But the party is only just beginning. There are lots more festivities planned for the evening. You promised your photographer some time for photos, so you hang out by the lake and rock out being your gorgeous self for photos. After you finish that, you head on up to greet all your guests and get the party started. You dance a while and enjoy some amazing food and sweet tea. After you finish eating, you walk around to visit with your guests for a while. You find your mom and dad standing out on the front porch, overlooking the lake, reminiscing on the day so far. Their baby just got married. You give them a hug and linger with them for a few minutes when someone comes looking for you to cut the cake.

They’ve found your groom, too, and you *gracefully* serve each other your first bites of dessert as a married couple. And as everyone lines up to grab their own bite of cake, you and your groom (who’s now probably untucked his shirt) head down to the dock to eat your cake in some peace and quiet. Only, who do you find but almost all of your wedding party out skipping (or trying to skip) rocks on the lake. You join in the fun, and after almost falling in, decide you’d better get back to the official party (and get another sip of that delicious sweet tea).

It’s been a long day and as your guests begin to leave and the festivities are winding down for the evening, you’re so glad you chose this venue to start your life together. It’s setting the tone for a future together without the hustle and bustle of life. It’s slow and quiet out here, reminding you to slow down and remember to listen to each other when life gets busy. It’s simple out here, helping you focus on what really matters most. And it’s easy here, just like some of the best decisions in life (like marrying your best friend).

Photography by Amy Zumwalt Photography