In today’s world, social media is important. Some couples choose to incorporate social media into their wedding day, while others specifically ask guests to put away their phones. Regardless of which you choose, it’s important that you feel comfortable on your wedding day and are clear with guests about your wishes for social media.

Social Media Decisions

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate social media into your big day. Thinking about social media ahead of time is a good way to make sure that you’re prepared and you can communicate your wishes with guests. 


Considering all your different options is a good way to be sure that you’re on the right track and you’re making decisions that are cohesive with your overall wedding day. Below are a few options you can consider while you’re planning your wedding.

Have a Hashtag

Many couples choose a specific hashtag for their wedding. This can be a helpful way to make sure that all of your pictures are organized and that your guests are able to share them easily. If you do plan to have a hashtag, make sure that your guests are aware and they know to include it in any post they make.


Another great thing about a hashtag is that you won’t need to go and ask people for their pictures. You’ll easily be able to search for the photos and know who took them. Plus, your guests will be able to see photos without having to ask you for them.

No Phones

Some couples ask their guests not to use their phones during the ceremony. If you have a professional photographer there, it’s likely they’ll be taking better photos than your guests will. Having people on their phones trying to take pictures of the ceremony can be frustrating and distracting.


Being clear that you would like no phones out during the ceremony can be a good way to make sure that everyone is focused and nobody misses your big moment. There are so many ways that you can be respectful and clear with guests about your tech wishes.

Be Specific

If you want your guests to capture specific parts of the day for social media, don’t be afraid to ask! You can even include a “scavenger hunt” of pictures or videos that they should take throughout the day.


Getting content from guests can be a great way to see your big day from another perspective and it means capturing even more memories. If you’re wanting to experience your big day through someone else’s eyes, then encouraging social media documentation can be the perfect way to do that.


If you are hiring a photographer, consider speaking with guests about prioritizing the photographer’s photos. Sometimes guests will become excited and not realize that they’re inconveniencing the photographer. If you’re worried that guest photography may impact professional shots, plan times throughout the day when you ask that phones not be used.