What To Do If Your Parents Can’t Walk You Down The Aisle?


In a traditional wedding ceremony, you will see the bride’s father walk her down the aisle. If this is something you have always dreamed about it can be devastating when your father is no longer with you or if you have parents who can’t make it to your wedding.


Luckily, most people are open and understanding of creating new wedding traditions that modern brides can reap the benefits of.


There are plenty of ways to walk down the aisle and all of them can make your wedding day special. Here are a few ideas that are alternatives when your mom or dad can’t walk you down the aisle.

Walk With Your Favorite Relative

If your parents aren’t alive but you are still hoping for something a bit more traditional, ask your aunt or uncle. Asking someone close to you can be something special for them but also be an amazing moment for you.


Allow them to walk side by side with you and get some amazing photos that you will surely cherish forever.

Walk With Your Partner

Instead of going one after the other, make a grand entrance together. You are a team and this is a bold move to let everyone in your life know you are in this together.


This is a great solution for couples who have lost both sets of parents or those with multiple parents on each side. This is a way to limit the confusion and hurt feelings of having step-parents. It may also help limit wedding stress.

Walk Alone and Strong

There is never shame in walking alone especially if you have done this your whole life. You will get amazing photos that many other brides will not get.


This allows you to have a moment all on your own to recognize where you came from and how you got where you’re going. It allows you to have a moment to acknowledge yourself as an individual before you marry your other half.

Bring Your Pet

Let’s be honest, what’s the next best thing for your parents? Your pets! Walk down the aisle on your wedding day with your beloved dog or cat. You will cherish this moment for the rest of your life.


You can look back on photos and look at how your family started so small.

Choose Your Maid of Honor

If your best friend is also your maid of honor there is no better person to walk down the aisle with. This is someone who will have helped you plan your wedding and been through thick and thin with you.


This will be extra special for them and allow you to look back on a time when your best friend walked you down the aisle at your venue.