Hey Y’all! This cooler weather has us doing the happy dance at Spring Lake. It’s amazing what 10 degrees and less humidity can do for you! Not only are we getting to enjoy the cooler weather, but fall weddings are some of our favorites! They stray from the normal blushing pink and sage green that typically accompanies light grey suits at summer weddings, and they do so with bold deep hues of eggplant and pops of zesty orange. There’s an earthiness about fall that just lends itself perfectly to a lakeside barn wedding.

With that being said, it can be tricky to navigate through aisles of orange and brown leaves and carving pumpkins at your local craft store without having a trick-or-treat-ish wedding, so we’re going to show you a perfect example of a festive but elegant fall wedding.

All photography by Once Like A Spark Photography

First, check out this gorgeous bouquet set on our timeless slate stairs. See what we mean about that pop of color?! The purple theme continues on to their invitations.

See how cute but still seasonal they are? And their choice of font adds the perfect amount of elegance.

The girls were in a grayish lavender color and the guys wore deep purple ties. Her bouquet is just awesome. We know a pretty awesome florist (wink wink).

The aisle was lined with these little beauties. Simple but balanced and elegant. And they even have a fall-ish texture about them, too. You just can’t beat shepherd hook and antique pew lined wedding aisles

And what about these tiny little beauties for table settings? Hiding under the doilies is a slice of wood. It’s a perfect touch for a fall wedding, too.

And who doesn’t love a wagon?! A white one, to boot?! We pretty much adore the cozy fall blanket in the bottom.

You want your guests to be outside enjoying the awesome weather and last bit of good sunshine for the year, right? This giant jenga set will entertain them for hours!

Popcorn anyone? Popcorn is such a perfect fall treat. It evokes memories of fairs and camping, and of when times were a little bit simpler than they are today. And check out those adorable bags to put the popcorn into! Couldn’t be cuter!

Nothing smells more like fall than a fire burning in the fireplace on an cool, crispy night. Keep your guests warm and cozy (and maybe keep some s’mores nearby) for an evening full of fun stories and reminiscing.

And snuggle with your man.

And before the night is over, you’ll want to cut the cake. We love how this one is adorned with soft oranges and deep purples, and even some bursts of white to stay festive but keep a touch of elegance in the decor.

And, when the night is over, send your guests home with something sweet with a hint of harvest-time fun, like jams and jellies. Do you remember when grandma went out and picked black berries and then came in to make her famous blackberry jam? Even if you didn’t, your guests just might.